Thiel College approves two new majors

GREENVILLE, Pa. -- Thiel College has approved two new academic majors, E-Commerce and Web Development, and a minor in Pre-Ministry Studies for the fall 2005 semester.
Both E-Commerce and Web Development are interdisciplinary majors, drawing primarily from the fields of computer science and business administration, with some secondary focus on graphic design.
While similar in nature, the E-Commerce major has stronger focus on business, while Web Development is more technical in nature.
The E-Commerce major is designed for students who are interested in the business-oriented aspects of Internet and web technologies. The curriculum is divided between business administration and computer science courses. Students will learn business fundamentals and information concepts in their course of study within the program.
Students enrolled in the E-Commerce program will be required to take courses such as accounting, advertising, economics, marketing, web design and development, database management, data communications and system security.

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