Casinos aren't the only exploiters of the poor

Casinos aren't the only exploiters of the poor
Personally I don't care if they ever legalize gambling in Ohio, but I'm puzzled that the powers that be and the so called men of God, when they are wringing their hands and feeling so sorry about the exploitation of the poor, never mention credit cards or unfair trade. Either of these have made more people poor than gambling ever has or ever will.
They also never mention the tax cuts for the rich or the attempt to weaken Social Security. Some 18,000 people die in this country every year because they can't afford health care, nary a word about that either.
One of the ministers said they should spend their money at the mall instead of a casino. Almost everybody at the mall makes a lot less than $30,000 a year. Also 95 percent of the products on the shelves are made in Chinese sweatshops.
Scare tactics endanger passage of sales tax
I guess I have been mellowing out some in my old age because up until I read a recent Vindicator article quoting Mahoning County Sheriff Randall Wellington on springing violent criminals from jail, I'd decided to vote for the upcoming half percent Mahoning County sales tax, but not now.
Under the banner of fear and the drumbeat of scare tactics, Wellington's "no compromise," abrasive attitude will cause many voters to resist being pushed into pens and prepared for branding. Most elderly, rural voters that I know are a lot like heavy log chains. You can drag them in a direction you want to go sometimes, but they are extremely difficult to push.
The Mahoning County jail is a runaway train. I'm told there is a Mahoning County jail warden. How come we never hear from her or him? If Wellington is the top spokesperson, why have a warden? Maybe save some money there? Has Sheriff Wellington offered to take a pay cut? Have any of the working deputies offered the same? Could the smaller jail that holds nearly 100 inmates on Commerce Street be taken over once again by the city of Youngstown? Can the Youngstown Police Department become involved since most of the county inmates are arrested from within the city limits? Perhaps the Mahoning County courts could work a little extra instead of coming in late and leaving early? Does anyone dare to request the courts to somehow use the TV system bought and paid for with tax dollars? Or heaven forbid, maybe those judges who want "up close and personal" contact could go directly to the jail once a week for arraignments?
Have any of our concerned, elected officials petitioned the state of Ohio to change the laws that allow junkies to rehab and get "free" meals, laundry, entertainment, medical attention or major surgery while incarcerated? In fear of safety and security, will we let ourselves be led to the hangman's noose? "We the people" are indeed, over taxed. It is utterly amazing the great amounts of money each of us hands over to the four steps in our American form of government. Without some major changes in how Mahoning County does the "peoples" business, we are falling back into the same old tax and spend philosophy of yesteryear politicians. Freedom, liberty and responsibility are always a risky business. Imposed taxation is a shift from democracy to socialism. The truthful question is: "Why do we elect these types of leaders?"
North Jackson
Revolutionary budget idea: spend only what you have
Regarding the proposed additional 8-mill levy for the Struthers schools, please consider this:
The revenue stream for our schools is virtually a known quantity. (Valuation of the parcels in the district times the current mileage). While there are some variables due to state funding, new construction, delinquencies, etc., the vast majority of funding is known (read: Budget).
The $900,000 deficit came about because the current administration spent almost $1 million it did not have. Same old routine: spend whatever you want, ask for yet another levy, cancel sports and busing, inconvenience students and parents until the new levy squeaks by.
Well, enough is enough.
The only thing Struthers taxpayers need to vote for is a new board of education.
We need board members and a treasurer who understand what red ink is. There is no excuse for spending what you do not have.
Veterans deserve food, lodging, respect and thanks
I am writing in regard to an article published in The Vindicator several weeks ago. The article was about a funeral home in another part of the country that gave homeless American war veterans a proper military burial, including a flag and 21 gun salute for the fallen hero. God bless the operators of such a funeral home who donate their time and efforts for such a worthy cause.
However, I have one problem with this situation. It saddens my heart to know that this country allows any veteran to be homeless. What is wrong with some of our nation's leaders? America finds the money to help out every other part of the world whenever needed, yet it fails to properly take care of the men and women who made our country free. All veterans from every American war throughout history should at the very least have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Every veteran is a hero and should be treated like one in life and in death. Their sacrifices for America cannot be denied. It is time that American leaders not deny our veterans a decent life.
I pray for all our veterans from the birth of this country to those currently defending freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank them for our freedom.
YSU area needs a hotel
I notice one extreme need seriously lacking from the development plan near YSU. Why not a hotel? YSU's facilities could be used in the summer for shows and conventions if there was any hotel facilities nearby.
I know this because I belong to the Youngstown Area Tropical Fish Society and we have an annual show but can't even consider these facilities as there are no nearby hotels.
Curtis Smith