A nearby company is marketing new fishing lines that offer anglers an array of superior performance capabilities.
Gamma Technologies, Pittsburgh, makers of Frog Hair High Performance Fly Fishing Tippet and Leaders, this year entered the general fishing market with fluorocarbon and copolymer lines.
Both undergo Gamma's proprietary, patented processing, which alters the lines' molecular structures and enhance performance.
Gamma fluorocarbon, for instance, reportedly features better knotting qualities, more flexibility and shock resistance compared to other companies' fluorocarbon lines.
Two local professional bass anglers, Dave Lefebre of Erie, Pa., and Vic Vatalaro of Kent, have joined Gamma's pro staff. Tom Ference, Gamma's product line manager, said Lefebre insisted on testing the line before he signed up with Gamma.
"We went out for a day on Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie, and Dave tried all day to break the line but couldn't," Ference said. "He was flipping tubes in the weeds and rocked the boat on hook sets, but the line held.
"He caught 47 bass without retying and after every half dozen or so, he'd turn and say, 'That should've broke off.'"
Lefebre says Gamma fluorocarbon is unlike any other brand he's tried and he's staking his livelihood on it. He's also featured in a center-spread in the new Gamma fishing products catalog.
Many anglers favor fluorcarbon lines for certain fishing applications because they are heavier than water and thus sink compared with the floating qualities of nylon mono. Fluorocarbon also is more sensitive than mono and is invisible underwater.
But anglers familiar with most fluorocarbon products know their advantages are countered by their tendency to be stiff -- and thus retain "memory" -- and they are more difficult to tie into reliable knots. Gamma says its processing overcomes those problems and makes its Competition Grade products more manageable and reliable.
Ference said Gamma is still developing its retail distribution and will soon be in Bass Pro Shops and Cabela catalogs.
Anglers interested in ordering Gamma line also can call (800) 333-0337 and ask for Dave Bradshaw at extension 228.

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