Jonathan kept Greenlee, Lily and Kendall hostage and made a confession that crushed Kendall. Tad realized that Braden wants to kill all of the Lavery brothers. Maria finally learned the truth about Edmund and that Sam and Maddie inherited his entire estate, with Brooke as the trustee. Sam and Maddie then asked Brooke to kick Maria out of their house. David was drawn to Di and found out she had been injured in a car accident. As Di was being released from prison, David made her an offer. In response to Ethan's request for help, J.R. gave him an idea on how to make the murder charge against Zach stick. J.R. planted drugs on David, but his plan ultimately failed.
When Les was granted custody of J.J., Carly had the youth refer to Jack as his dad and Les' violent nature came to light, prompting the judge to award custody to Keith. Keith persuaded Luke to finally admit that he didn't kill Julia and has been trying to protect Lily. Jack followed his investigation to a mysterious visitor to Julia. Jennifer discovered she's pregnant and, realizing she couldn't lie to Mike about the father possibly not being him, made an appointment at the Family Planning Center. Will was elated to hear that Aaron and Alison decided not to get married just yet.
Amber managed to get to Ridge and noted that he has no memory of her. After Natalie promised to get Morgan the help she needs, Amber called Brooke and put Ridge on the phone, sparking the return of Ridge's memory. Massimo and Jackie arrived in Venice, him believing that Amber kidnapped Ridge. When Massimo burst into the apartment and ordered Amber's arrest, Ridge cleared her name. Ridge came home to a magical reunion with Brooke, while Amber realized she has no place to stay. After enjoying a special night together, Nick proposed to Bridget.
Bo and Hope attempted to patch up their rift with a romantic interlude on a boat just like the Fancy Face. However, after they walked in on Patrick and Billie in a compromising position, Hope accused Bo of still having feelings for Billie by showing he's upset that Billie slept with Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick questioned if Billie used him to make Bo jealous. Sami/Stan attempted to sabotage John's drug withdrawal. Determined to rescue Philip, Shawn learned from Rex how to hack into secure government intelligence Web sites. Mimi saw Jan, who had fallen, and wondered if she's dead. Bonnie brought Abby and Chelsea home from the bar.
Mac charged Courtney with killing A.J., even though Mac believed her story about Rachel. After Steven saved Rachel's life with emergency surgery, Courtney told him how Rachel was plotting his demise, and Steven shared the news with Mac. Rachel recalled finding out how A.J. used her, and later made a shocking claim. Alexis lost her appeal as the judge allowed Sonny continued access to Kristina. Sam revealed to Carly that she and Jason know Michael is alive. Durant met with someone who offered to help him destroy Sonny, while Sonny began to think that Reese is trying to protect him. Maria tried getting Diego out of a frame-up by Durant but was blackmailed by Durant into setting up Jason and Sonny.
A miserable Harley almost slept with an equally despondent Bill, who had just learned of Olivia's deception regarding Lewis Construction. However, Harley stopped before they went too far but let Gus believe she and Bill were intimate. Harley was given a sentence of 25 year to life, as Gus professed his love. When Cassie saw the baby things in her home, Edmund confessed that he hired someone to carry her fertilized eggs, and Cassie was floored when Dinah appeared. Danny and Michelle made love before returning to their significant others. Reva was troubled when her diagnosis turned out to be menopause, not pregnancy.
Despite Bo's attempt to convince Nora not to go through with the wedding, and Daniel's secret lover giving him grief, Nora and Daniel were married. Blair recovered at home but was plagued by fears of Margaret returning, even as Todd received a postcard from his stalker. After attending the wedding as Tess, Jessica confessed to Antonio that she doesn't remember the event and has been experiencing blackouts. Marcie's would-be killer tampered with the gas pipe but Michael saved her family's lives, and Marcie agreed to move in with Michael. Lindsay was conflicted when R.J. asked for her help in his custody case.
In the heat of their argument, Beth uttered a phrase that caused Sheridan to remember Beth as the clown who kidnapped her. Luis arrived before Beth could choke Sheridan to death, and it was Beth's turn to be traumatized when Luis and Sheridan intended to have a DNA test performed on Marty. Alistair forced Katherine to have sex with him as payment for getting her out of Harmony. Ethan and Theresa arrived at the Crane compound and attempted to break in. T.C. and Liz found out about the birth of Whitney's baby boy, as Whitney cringed when her father asked to see his grandson.
John ordered Gloria to leave his home. Later, John fell downstairs and was accidentally stabbed by a letter opener. Kevin arrived at the Abbott home and saw a lifeless John on the ground. Victoria returned to Genoa City but kept it a secret from her family. Esther helped Jill deceive Kay into thinking that Billy wants nothing to do with Jill. As a result, a sympathetic Kay made Jill the CEO at Jabot. When Brad heard the news from Jill, he announced his intention to resign. Sharon discovered that Cassie lied about getting the condom in school, and cautioned her daughter about the problems of having sex at a young age, not wanting Cassie to experience what she did. Coming: Bobby is stressed trying to make ends meet.
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