Today is Saturday, April 2, the 92nd day of 2005. There are 273 days left in the year. A reminder:

Today is Saturday, April 2, the 92nd day of 2005. There are 273 days left in the year. A reminder: Daylight-Saving Time begins Sunday at 2 a.m. locally. Clocks go forward one hour.
On this date in 1805, storyteller Hans Christian Andersen is born in Odense, Denmark. In 1792, Congress passes the Coinage Act, which authorizes establishment of the U.S. Mint. In 1860, the first Italian Parliament meets at Turin. In 1865, Confederate President Davis and most of his Cabinet flee the Confederate capital of Richmond, Va. In 1872, Samuel F.B. Morse, developer of the electric telegraph, dies in New York. In 1917, President Wilson asks Congress to declare war against Germany, saying, "The world must be made safe for democracy." In 1956, the soap operas "As the World Turns" and "The Edge of Night" premiere on CBS television. In 1974, French president Georges Pompidou dies in Paris. In 1982, several thousand troops from Argentina seize the disputed Falkland Islands, located in the south Atlantic, from Britain. (Britain seizes the islands back the following June.)
April 2, 1980: Merchants surveyed at random report few problems and voice even fewer complaints from customers as they begin collecting the half-percent sales and use tax in Mahoning County.
U.S. Rep. Lyle Williams says the federal government has approved a $3.5 million grant to help Commuter Aircraft Corp. build an aircraft manufacturing plant at Youngstown Municipal Airport.
Youngstown Mayor George Vukovich will appoint a committee to select a downtown site for a 100,000 square foot bus terminal and maintenance garage that would cost between $8 million and $17 million.
April 2, 1965: After considerable delay, demolition is begun on the Keith-Albee building to make way for the Plaza One project on Youngstown's Central Square.
Mrs. Theresa Seminara, 77, dies in a fire that broke out in the kitchen of her home on Nassau Court in Austintown.
Citing record high employment and a seven-year jobless low, President Johnson says the nation can continue riding the crest of its longest economic boom in history.
April 2, 1955: About 100 patrons quickly finished their dinners in the Mural Room after a fire broke out in a kitchen ventilating shaft and caused about $1,300 in damage.
Two bandits offered to take a drinking companion home, but instead drove him to a secluded spot on Liberty Road where they shot him twice, took $65 and left him for dead. Carlos Vasquez Caldron, 32, is in fair condition in St. Elizabeth Hospital. The assailants were arrested three hours later at their Campbell home.
Dr. George A. Franz of Oak Park, Ill., a leading Presbyterian minister, will be the featured speaker at Youngstown's Community Holy Week services. His daily sermons will also be broadcast on WFMJ Radio.
April 2, 1930: U.S. Rep. F. H. LaGuardia of New York calls upon the Attorney General to investigate Bethlehem Steel Corp.'s proposed merger with Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Co., describing it as a brazen attempt by Bethlehem to control steel.
The shortage in collection of county taxes by Auditor John J. Arnold could mean an eight-month school year in Youngstown schools, says Superintendent J.J. Richeson, who says the district will not have enough money to complete a full school year if collections fall short.
Communist leaders protest a proposed Youngstown ordinance that would bar meetings on downtown streets unless permits have been granted.

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