While Lily identified Braden as the man who killed Edmund, Ethan still insisted that Zach did it but Erica refused to believe him. Ethan made a threat against Erica and then told J.R. that he would do anything to destroy Zach but didn't admit that he's lying about what Zach did. Zach made an offer of truce that Ethan rejected. After finding Braden's hideout and seeing Braden's weird shrine to him, Ryan challenged Braden to meet him face to face. David tricked Babe and got hold of Liza's phone number. Babe was troubled when Adam offered to exchange her son for Colby. On a visit to see Krystal, David spotted Di and later went to see Di. J.R. confronted Adam and was hurt by his words about Dixie.
Desperate to help Lily, Lucinda had Jessica declare that Lily is not mentally fit to make any decisions, even as Lily tried to plead guilty in court. After Les unexpectedly turned up and claimed rights over J.J., Jack decided to get help from Genoa City lawyer Michael Baldwin, a custody case expert. Trying to help Lily, Carly found herself jailed as an accessory after the fact. Upon learning about Craig's blackmailing of Jennifer, a furious Mike punched him. Craig then accepted Barbara's offer to be set up with his own company and stole Jennifer's designs from the BRO offices. Will's feelings for Alison led him to her door, where he heard happy sounds of her inside with Aaron.
Morgan hired a fake Brooke for Ridge to end things, but after he believed he had broken up with Brooke, Ridge remained confused. Trying to ease Ridge's concern, Morgan told him a one-sided history of their relationship and Brooke's faults, but when she tried getting physical with Ridge he backed off, still seeing Brooke in his mind. Massimo headed to Europe to search for Ridge while Amber, now in Venice, couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted Ridge with Morgan. Gabriela turned down Stephanie's offer to fund her college education.
Disguised as Stan, Sami appeared outside Mimi's bedroom window and taunted her with a crying baby doll. Mimi found evidence that someone had been on her balcony and followed the trail straight to Sami's apartment. With his mind finally clear, John devised a plan to attempt a rescue of Philip, but Tony was shown to be aware of his moves. Sami/Stan promised to help Chelsea snare Patrick, but instead he started keeping company with Billie, as they planned a date. Hope confided to Belle that her marriage may be over. Shawn turned down Bo's attempt to offer fatherly advice. Jennifer lashed out at Abby for breaking her curfew.
A.J. pulled out all the stops to make Michael believe that Sonny and Carly don't want him. However, Jason made a shocking discovery regarding Michael. After Sonny eliminated the Sandoval family, Maria told Alcazar she saw what happened and named Sonny and Jason. Alcazar gave Maria advice, leading her to not identify Jason in a lineup. With Rachel in a coma on life support, Courtney finally told Jax the truth about Rachel, and later made a call on Rachel's hidden cell phone. Over Ric's objections, Alexis intended to seek full custody of Kristina. Dillon told Emily the truth about the hit-and-run accident, leading her to a confrontation with Tracy.
The jury found Harley guilty of murder but Gus, on the verge of total exhaustion, persisted in trying to clear her. Unable to see Gus sacrifice everything for her, Harley told Bill she has to find a way to end things with him. Meanwhile, Olivia learned that Harris had been hired by Billy to work over Phillip. Michelle accepted Tony's marriage proposal. As she shared the news with Danny, a house he was building collapsed around them and Michelle was knocked out, only to awaken with all her old memories intact. Edmund tried another appeal to get Cassie back but she turned away after catching him in more lies. Reva told Josh she's pregnant.
Blair and Todd survived their perilous plunge from the building and were finally reunited with their family. However, Blair became agitated thinking about Margaret and was given medical advice to rest. As John began investigating the murders, another killing was being plotted. Daniel fumed at learning the evidence he planted against Jen had been destroyed. Jen agreed to run away with Rex but changed her mind. As Nora's wedding day dawned, Daniel was shown to have been cheating on her. Antonio was puzzled when a man called Jessica's cell phone. After finding a lot of money in her purse and not knowing why, Jessica changed into Tess and snuck out of the wedding.
Whitney defied the wishes of her family and friends and signed away her newborn for adoption, a move that Chad then demanded she explain. Fox was taken captive at the compound and when he reappeared, showed a puzzling indifference when he was reunited with Gwen and Katherine. Paloma agreed to give Pilar another chance to be a mother to her but Luis remained unforgiving of Martin, attempting to literally throw him out of the house. Alistair warned Sheridan that something bad could happen to Marty if Luis doesn't get off Alistair's case. Mrs. Wallace was horrified by a memory of a long ago tryst with someone.
Ashley confronted Kevin, Michael and Gloria with her knowledge of their family ties, and ordered Gloria to tell John about her sons or Ashley will. When Gloria confessed the truth to John, he demanded to know why she lied to him all this time. Michael fired Paul. Grilled by Sharon about the condom found in her purse, Cassie claimed that they had been given out in health class, adding that she's only friends with senior Max Powers. Phyllis secretly sent e-mail to Victoria from Nick's office but was caught by Nick, who warned her to either become a team player or leave. Victor intimidated Dru into thinking she shouldn't sign the contract Nick offered her.
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