Air quality in Mahoning Valley to be forecast daily

AUSTINTOWN -- The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments has begun daily air quality forecasts.
The Mahoning Valley's air quality planning agency, Eastgate, will provide forecasts every day that will contain current and next-day air quality forecasts as well as extended forecasts for up to four days.
Air pollution is composed of many environmental factors; Eastgate provides forecasts on two pollutants: ground-level ozone and particulate matter, or PM2.5. Ground-level ozone is formed when motor-vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions and chemical solvents react in the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight. In this area, ozone pollution is a concern in the summer months, when the weather conditions needed to form it normally occur.
Particle pollution is a mixture of microscopic solids and liquid droplets suspended in the air. This pollution, also known as particulate matter, originates from many different stationary and mobile sources.
Particulate matter can be formed from fuel combustion from motor vehicles, power generation and industrial facilities, as well as from soil or dust particles. In other cases, particles can interact with other compounds in the air to form fine particles. Particulate matter's chemical and physical compositions vary depending on location, time of year and weather.
Residents interested in receiving daily forecasts can contact Eastgate at (330) 779-3800 or at

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