"Arnold Schwarzenegger was my first Hollywood crush. I used to be attracted to bodybuilders." -- Actress/singer Christina Milian ("Be Cool"), in InStyle.
"Being a teenager is an amazing time and a hard time. It's when you make your best friends -- I have girls who will never leave my heart and I still talk to. You get the best and the worst as a teen. You have the best friendships and the worst heartbreaks." -- Actress Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill"), in J-14 magazine.
"My nose. I don't like the bump." -- Lance Bass, on what body part he'd change, in People.
Super scents
It's officially spring. Which means it's time to bring out all the yummy, flowery-scented soaps and lotions you can find. And here's just the place to snag a few new items: Mistral Soap.
Made in Provence, France, Mistral products come in super fresh scents and are made as naturally as possible (they do disclose on their Web site that if something can't be made in nature or is done better synthetically, they'll use the manmade stuff instead). While soap is in their name, that's not the only product they make. They offer lotion, shea butter, bath salts, linen spray and candles. The scents vary depending on the product, with their bar soaps offering the most varieties.
The Extra Rich Shea Butter ($22 for 100 grams, $6 for 10 grams) is yummy. While creamy looking in the tin, it's almost a thick gel when you gather up enough to rub on your dry skin. But when you rub it in it's slick, and after it's absorbed it leaves your skin smooth and soft. Shea butter is known for its skin-healing qualities and Mistral uses it in nearly every product they offer.
Mistral offers many products in trial sizes, so you can snag a few in different scents to help you find your favorite. Get Mistral Soap at www.mistralsoap.com.
Twins casting call
Do you have a better -- er, equal half? That is, are you a twin? Does your best friend look almost like you? Do you and your dog share a similarly friendly mug?
Well, get in line! Wrigley's Doublemint Twins are back -- or will be very soon. Wrigley's is holding a casting call for twins of all sorts. Through May 24, you can enter for a chance to be cast in future ads for the classic gum and receive $10,000. Attend the live casting call in either New York (April 19) or Chicago (April 26), or enter online at www.twinscastingcall.com.
Even if you're not a twin, you can get in on the fun by voting for your favorite twins online. In fact, your vote is integral in helping choose the winners. From the top twins online and the top vote-getters at the live casting calls, a panel will select the grand-prize winners.
So get online to learn all the details -- and good luck!
Reality TV World
More than any genre, reality television requires viewers to watch regularly. If you skip an episode, you could miss seeing a character getting voted off or some other pivotal event that could leave you disoriented for the entire season. And for the TiVo-less folks out there, what are you to do when two of your favorite reality shows air at the same time?
Reality TV World (http://www.realitytvworld.com) fills in the gaps. The Web site features news, message boards, image galleries and more so you never have to feel left out of the action of your favorite show.
Reality TV World covers more than 30 shows including "Newlyweds," "Amazing Race," Real World" and "American Idol." The summaries offer play-by-play accounts of the show's goings-on, with varying degrees of snarkiness from the commentators. Unfortunately, not every show featured on the site is reviewed, but Reality TV World's active message boards will keep you in the know. Be wary, though, like many message boards you'll encounter random and strange entries, so enter them at your own risk.
The front page of the site features late-breaking news on reality shows as well as other entertainment headlines. However, it suffers from an overwhelming amount of text. Overall, site navigation could be streamlined and improved. The site's image galleries could also stand to be more consistently updated.
But if you're in a bind and miss your favorite show and absolutely must know what happened, Reality TV World will satisfy your curiosity in a pinch.

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