These kids know they have a grand relationship

"She's never too busy," says Scott Miller of his grandmother, Beverly Mashiska. "She's very, very fun and we love being around her. She always has a smile."
"Grandpa, he's like ... awesome," Scott shares his feelings about his grandfather, John Mashiska. "He always has a smile on his face and he's always fun. I just love being around him."
This Sunday, Grandparents Day, we celebrate one of the most precious relationships in the human experience.
The love between grandparents and grandchildren is unlike any other relationship. There is an unconditional bond between these two generations from which the middle generation, the parents, are excluded.
While families all across the Valley will be celebrating the wonderful gift of grandparents, (a commodity for which our community is very rich) I spoke with the grandchildren of John and Beverly Mashiska of Austintown.
I have never met John and Beverly, but from the words of four of their grandchildren, I feel as if I know them very well.
Michael, Scott and Jake are triplets, 11 years old and live in Austintown. Their cousin, Eric Yovanovich, is 11 as well and lives in Boardman. All the boys share a deep love for their grandparents.
Grandpa knows howto fix everything
"Grandpa used to come to my house, wait for me to get off the bus and help me do papers," Eric shares. A paperboy for The Vindicator, Eric and Grandpa would deliver between 110 and 130 papers a day. "He would do one side [of a street] and I would do the other. We would get done a lot faster."
"The biggest thing about Grandpa is probably that every time we go over there he plays basketball with me," says grandson Michael.
Jake likes going to football games with his grandpa. "He hasn't missed a Fitch Falcon game in I don't know how long," Jake shares.
Along with his love of sports, Grandpa Mashiska has shared a great deal of knowledge with his grandsons.
"He says things like, 'You want a racetrack around your eye?'" Eric laughs as he repeats the phrase. "I gave him a notebook for Christmas called Grandpa's Book For Old Sayings."
"When we do our homework, he tells us different things because he knows so much," Scott shares.
"Grandpa can fix everything-- toys, cars, just about everything except anything high-tech," Jake says.
The boys take great pride in knowing that their grandparents love to hear them play their instruments.
Eric and Scott play the trumpet. Michael plays the clarinet and Jake plays the tuba.
"We're actually very good," Eric says confidently.
Cooking and cardsare Grandma's thing
"Grandma always comes to our band concerts. Even if she has something else to do, she'll cancel it," Scott says.
"She'll call us and see if we want to see a movie." Scott loves his grandmother's spontaneity.
Jake loves Grandma's nurturing side.
"She takes care of us when we're sick," Jake says, adding that Grandma Mashiska makes the best grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.
Michael and Scott disagree. They like Grandma's roast beef, mashed potatoes and carrots best. Eric is a big fan of Grandma's spaghetti.
But there is one thing that all the boys agree Grandma does best of all --
"We always play cards," Eric says. "Always. Always. Always."
"She's really fun," Jake says of his grandmother's card playing.
"She's really good," Scott asserts.
500 Rummy is Grandma Mashiska's game of choice, though, it seems she loses to her grandsons regularly.
Truly, one of the best investments in this world is that of spending time with a child.
The John and Beverly Mashiska have invested a great deal of time in their grandchildren. The return on their investment is bushels and bushels of love.
Happy Grandparents Day!

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