Chris Policy, 12, of Austintown won't wear his fuzzy hat to school.

Chris Policy, 12, of Austintown won't wear his fuzzy hat to school.
CANFIELD -- Feather boas and fancy hats are all the rage this year, at least at the Canfield Fair.
"Girls from 4 to 84 love the boas. Kids [also] like the furry hats," said Leo Can of Ohio City, who's been selling souvenirs 20 years -- six at the Canfield Fair.
Business has been good, he said. The weather's held out and everybody's buying.
Mary Lou Bollinger of Butler, Pa., bought a bright pink feather boa as a surprise for her 5-year-old granddaughter, Rachel Muti of Pittsburgh.
Rachel's favorite color is pink, she wants to be a ballerina and "loves things like this," her grandma said. "This is going to be for Christmas."
Going for green
Erin Webber, 17, of Brookfield went for the lime green boa.
"I got it for Homecoming," she said. The high school dance is in October and Erin's dress is lime green and strapless.
"I saw it and I said, 'Hey, it's lime green. So, I decided to get it to be different from everyone else,' " Erin said.
Jim Courim, 26, of Niles went for the green furry top hat.
"It's a joke," he laughed, as three of his friends burst out laughing.
"We're in a show in Canton, 'Footloose.' I play Willard and my roommate plays Ren and there's a line in the show -- 'Do they sell men's clothes where you got that hat?' -- so I'm going to wear it to rehearsal tonight."
"He got mint green because it brings out his eyes," added Elysia Shutrump, 17, of Canfield, who's also in the show.
"Ladies love the fuzzy hat," laughed Courim's roommate, Josh Gordon, 24, of Stow.
Gordon may be right.
'The coolest thing'
"I love this hat. It's the coolest thing in the world," said Cassie Hewitt, 17, of Niles. She bought one just like Courim's except it is black.
Cassie first saw the fuzzy, fake fur top hats at Oz Fest last weekend and knew she had to have one when she saw them again at the fair.
Kaitlyn Policy, 13, and her younger brother, Chris, 12, of Austintown, loved the hats, too.
"I liked the color and it's fun," Kaitlyn said of her furry fuchsia pink fashion accessory. "I'm going to wear it everywhere."
Chris went for the green and said he might wear it on the school bus. He won't be allowed to wear it in school.

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