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Today is Monday, Sept. 6, the 250th day of 2004. There are 116 days left in the year. Today is Labor

Sunday, September 5, 2004

Today is Monday, Sept. 6, the 250th day of 2004. There are 116 days left in the year. Today is Labor Day. On this date in 1901, President William McKinley is shot and mortally wounded by anarchist Leon Czolgosz at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, N.Y. McKinley, a Republican, dies eight days later; he is succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.
In 1837, the Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio goes co-educational. In 1909, American explorer Robert Peary sends word that he had reached the North Pole five months earlier. In 1939, South Africa declares war on Germany. In 1941, Jews over age 6 in German-occupied areas are ordered to wear yellow Stars of David. In 1948, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands is coronated. In 1952, Canadian television broadcasting begins in Montreal. In 1966, South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd is stabbed to death by a deranged page during a parliamentary session in Cape Town. In 1970, Palestinian guerrillas seize control of three jetliners which are later blown up on the ground in Jordan after the passengers and crews are evacuated.
September 6, 1979: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development warns Youngstown officials that if the Schenley Park housing project on the city's West Side is defeated in a November referendum, the city could lose all of its Community Development Block Grants.
William G. Lyden's $728,000 grand champion polled Hereford bull, S. Gilead 115, is eating and drinking and will apparently recover from a shotgun wound inflicted by vandals. The bull was shot in the pasture of the My Way Farm on Berlin Station Road, which is owned by the president of the Lyden Oil Co.
President Carter will hold one of his "town meetings" in Steubenville, when he visits the city of 31,000 in the heart of Ohio's southeastern coal region. The focus of the meeting will be the president's energy policy.
September 6, 1964: Forty nurses receive their diplomas in St. Columba Cathedral at the 53rd annual commencement of the St. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing. The Most Rev. Emmet M. Walsh, bishop of Youngstown, awards the degrees.
Youngstown's Labor Day will have a political flavor as Sen. Hubert Humphrey, running mate to President Johnson, and Republican Rep. Robert Taft both arrive in the city to campaign.
The 118th Canfield Fair, the largest county fair in Ohio, appears headed for a new record, with nearly 130,000 people attending on the first three days, and good weather forecast for Sunday and Labor Day.
September 6, 1954: The 99-degree marked reached in Youngstown Sept. 5 breaks a temperature record for the date that had stood for 38 years.
Maj. John L. Armstrong of Dayton, who set a new speed record for 500 kilometers two days earlier, is killed while preparing to break his own record before a hometown crowd at the National Aircraft Show. Armstrong's F86H Sabre jet crashed near Tipp city, a few miles from Cox Municipal Airport where the air show was being held.
U.S. Steel Corp. and a combination of Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Corp. and Bethlehem Steel Corp., if merged, would control more than 50 percent of the steel industry, says Ernest T. Weir, chairman of the board of National Steel Corp.
September 6, 1929: After a daring daylight hold up of a pawnshop operated by Harry Schwartz at 361 E. Federal St., two bandits shoot their way through a crowd of citizens and escape police after a thrilling chase through downtown Youngstown streets.
A testimonial dinner in honor of James A. Campbell, president of Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Co., on his 75th birthday is being planned at the Hotel Ohio. As many as 300 local business and civic leaders are expected.
The Ohio Water Co. announces it will spend $1 million to build a second reservoir above its Liberty Lake to enhance its water supply for Girard. The company denies it is involved in court efforts to block development of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District reservoir that would supply water to Niles and Youngstown.