B & amp;O STATION Web site announces restaurant's closing

The owners bought the old rail station from the city for $50,000.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Tonight's party at the B & amp;O Station Brewery and Restaurant won't be a treat.
The B & amp;O's Web site says the outdoor party is the last because the eatery inside the historic train station is closed -- again.
The site says Conductor's Club members can pick up their mugs at the party, from 8 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. The site also thanks the establishment's faithful customers.
B & amp;O had been opening at 4 p.m. serving drinks and sandwiches until recently.
Legal trouble
The schedule had been cut back from a full slate of lunches and dinners after the former owners were indicted earlier this year for operating an indoor marijuana factory.
Robert L. Arroyo and Joseph C. Pedaline at one time co-owned the B & amp;O and a Marshall Street warehouse raided by federal agents. This summer they pleaded guilty to cultivation and intent to distribute charges and were sentenced to prison.
Laura Arroyo, Robert Arroyo's daughter, had been operating the B & amp;O since the legal troubles arose. She could not be reached to comment Friday.
The latest incarnation of the B & amp;O opened in June 2002.
The pair said they invested more than $300,000 in improvements before reopening with a moderately priced mix of items such as sandwiches and salads. A license to brew and sell beer came in September that year.
Business appeared steady, and the pair eventually bought the building from the city for $50,000.
The old rail station had been closed since 1996.
The city spent $2 million on a restoration in 1991 and gave National Restaurant Development Corp. of Washington, D.C., $1.2 million in loans. The company, however, went bankrupt and closed the restaurant in November 1996.

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