MUNICIPAL COURT 2 sisters raised a ruckus, cops say

Police used pepper spray to separate the women at the station.
STRUTHERS -- Two Trumbull County sisters will be in municipal court for a hearing Nov. 15 after being charged with a variety of offenses stemming from a rampage last week at the police department.
Police said the women attacked officers, ripped a video camera from the wall, broke a telephone and dumped urine throughout the interrogation room.
A police report says Amy M. McCollum, 22, of Bristolville, and her sister, Deanna M. McCollum, 19, of Warren, were stopped about 3:15 a.m. Friday on Loveland Avenue, Youngstown, after speeding and running a traffic signal on Youngstown-Poland Road in Struthers.
The report says they told police they were lost.
During the stop, the report says, Amy told police she had to go to the bathroom, pulled down her pants and urinated near the back tire of the red 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva her sister had been driving.
The women did not appear to be intoxicated, the report states, and Deanna passed a field sobriety test administered after she told police that she and her sister had been at Pal Joey's, a Youngstown tavern, and that they wouldn't serve her because she is underage.
Sped away
The women agreed to follow officers to the police station to call for a ride and use the restroom. Deanna drove, and after arriving at the station, unexpectedly put the car in reverse and sped away, blowing out the front left tire and proceeding at a high rate of speed to Poland Avenue, the report says.
Deanna stopped and police ordered them out of the vehicle on Ridgeway, but both women refused to leave, the report says. Police removed them from the vehicle.
At the station's interrogation room, the report says, the women yelled and screamed profanities at officers and pounded on doors and windows. Deanna urinated into a trash can and later used the can to try and smash a window, spilling urine all over herself and the room, the report states.
The report says Amy tried to grab one officer's groin during an attempt to rush past him and out of the room, and Deanna came to her sister's assistance.
In the struggle, Deanna's top was ripped off, exposing her breasts. She refused to cover herself when police gave her an orange jumpsuit, and the women continued their rampage using a chair to try to break a window and climbing onto a table to try to pull things from the walls and ceiling, the report says.
After police removed the furniture from the room, the women pulled a video camera from the wall and smashed the telephone, the report says.
Police used pepper spray to separate the sisters and lock them in separate sections of the jail, where Deanna ripped the handset from a pay phone, the report says.
Amy was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage. Deanna was charged with reckless operation and criminal damage.
Both pleaded innocent at arraignment Monday and posted $200 bond apiece.

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