Judge sentences man to 8 years for stabbing his ex-girlfriend

The victim let her ex-boyfriend stay with her despite a restraining order.
YOUNGSTOWN -- The 10 stab wounds his ex-girlfriend suffered were reason enough to give Rodney Smallwood the maximum prison term, Judge Maureen Cronin said.
His history of abuse, lack of immediate concern for the woman after the attack and a lack of remorse were a few other reasons, too, she said.
On Friday, Judge Cronin, of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, sentenced Smallwood, 41, of Struthers, to eight years in prison on a felonious assault plea.
The sentence was the maximum under a deal reached last month. Smallwood pleaded guilty to the assault charge and had an attempted-murder charge dropped.
The victim, 39-year-old Conie J. Malovec, survived despite being stabbed in the back and in the chest.
Judge Cronin questioned the woman about why she let Smallwood near her despite past abuse and urged her to get counseling. Malovec said she was.
Felt sorry for him
Malovec said she let Smallwood stay with her because she felt sorry for him, even though there was a restraining order against him. When she finally told him to leave June 19, 2003, he became angry and stabbed her repeatedly.
"This is what I got in return," Malovec said, giving a victim impact statement before the sentencing.
Malovec said she now hated the man and asked him why he did it.
"What was going through your head?" she asked him. "I was about dead on my floor."
Judge Cronin also asked Smallwood three times Friday why he stabbed the woman. His response each time: "I don't know."
Judge Cronin cited Smallwood's history of domestic violence arrests and convictions in Ohio and previously in Oregon.
She also questioned him about what happened after the attack. Smallwood said he waited about five minutes before calling for help. The victim said the wait was about 45 minutes.
Judge Cronin called Smallwood a wimp and criticized him for hesitating to seek help for the bleeding Malovec.

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