Q. Are Ty Pennington and the crew on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" professional actors or professional remodelers? How long does it actually take? -- M.P.M., Dallas
A. The "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" crew is the real deal. Team leader Ty Pennington worked his way through college doing carpentry work. That skill, coupled with his good looks, landed him on "Trading Spaces" for four years. The rest of the team has backgrounds in carpentry, home building, interior and furniture design. Each makeover takes place in seven days, with the help of hundreds of workers. For more behind-the-scenes info, watch the new special on Monday, called "How'd They Do That"?
Q. I have watched the comedy "Grounded for Life" since its debut. I have noticed on this new season that the youngest son, Henry, is absent. The character has been mentioned by the family a few times, but there's no explanation of where Henry is. I would really like to know what happened and whether the show plans on explaining his absence. -- D.G., via e-mail
A. Much like big brother Chuck on "Happy Days" and sister Samantha on "Life With Bonnie," the supporting role of little brother Henry has been dropped with no storyline to explain. A WB spokesperson says that young actor Jake Burbage, who played Henry, has returned back East with his family. (Editor's note: After five seasons -- and two different networks -- the WB's "Grounded For Life" has been ... well, grounded. The comedy will air its last episode in January.)
Q. What ever happened to Ben Savage from "Boy Meets World"? Is he ever going to return to acting? -- F.B., Mexico, N.Y.
A. Ben, like big brother Fred ("The Wonder Years"), is a Stanford graduate with a degree in political science. He interned in the Washington, D.C., office of Sen. Arlen Specter in 2003 and graduated this year. Ben hasn't announced any post-graduate plans.
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