TRUMBULL COUNTY Mayor reviews plans for tax increase

Spending money on a new police station is at the top of the mayor's list.
HUBBARD -- Mayor Arthur U. Magee says his office is going to be a busy place, making sure he makes good on his promises to taxpayers.
When Magee took office in January, his goal was to seek voter approval of a 0.5 percent increase in the city income tax, from 1.0 to 1.5 percent. Election Day, residents approved the tax by a vote of 2,391 to 1,894. It will generate about $500,000 annually.
Residents who work and pay income tax in another city also will have to pay the new 0.5 percent addition to Hubbard.
This is expected to generate an additional $450,000 per year in new income, or a total of about $950,000 annually.
"We intend to do what we said we were going to do," Magee said Thursday, pointed out that campaign co-chairmen Gerry Hallapy and Bob Kelley worked long hours to get voter approval of the issue.
Safety center
At the top of Magee's list is construction of a safety center to house the police department. It will be located to the rear of the city administration building.
The mayor says his hat goes off to the dispatchers who have worked in the deplorable conditions at the old building.
The $1 million to $1.2 million structure will replace the 1923 building that has maintenance problems and health issues for those who work inside.
"We're not building a monument to anybody. It's to be a modern, efficient building for our police," Magee said.
"If you're not for the project, get out of the way. It was not an easy election to raise taxes. People trusted us and we're going to do it," he said.
When the police station is razed, the remaining fire station will be remodeled for about $300,000.
"We're going to dress it up," Magee said, noting that demolishing the police station will result in 35 added parking spaces downtown and better maneuvering of firetrucks.
Street resurfacing
Magee said his second priority is to resurface every street in the city within the next year or two. The work will begin next year.
"I want to return the city to having the best streets in the Mahoning Valley," he commented.
Next is improving the service center off North Main that houses the street, lighting and sewer departments.
"It's a mess," Magee said, explaining the center needs additional sewers to get it out of the mud and the parking lot needs to be resurfaced.
"People work better in better surroundings," Magee said, noting he wants to make the center a more functional facility. "It doesn't have to look like a junkyard."
During the levy campaign, Magee said he learned that the city is getting younger families with children. He plans to have a playground built in the 2nd Ward.
"The big problem is going to be not getting things done as fast as we want," he said.

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