U.S. democracy slips closer to socialist state

U.S. democracy slipscloser to socialist state
My father had a saying he used to describe a situation when an impasse seemed to exist: "Looks like we're between a rock and a hard place."
As I dwell on this upcoming presidential election, I have to believe the people in this country are between a "rock and a hard place." The divisions are deep and involve issues critical to our way of life. We are approaching the climax of a movement designed to liberalize and eventually socialize our system and way of life.
We don't have to look far to find raw evidence of this. We have federal judges who instead of interpreting the law as they are sworn to do are now making every effort to change those laws - so wisely composed by our forefathers - to comply with their own liberal philosophy. The tragedy of wholesale abortion. The mockery being made of the sanctity of marriage. Removing Nativity scenes from school. There is a move also to rename the Christmas holiday. What next?
We're fighting two wars in this country. We're engaged in a worldwide struggle against terrorism. The terrorists' ultimate goal is the destruction of us and our culture. Then we have those at home working vigorously to force their philosophy of liberal permissiveness down our throats. Is this what we want?
Do we want to go the way of some European countries? Give up our heritage of individual freedom and allow this great democracy to slip into a socialistic state? Are we not tired and disgusted with our governments' attempts at dictating morality? I wonder where those leaders of ours acquired the wisdom to tell us how we should live our lives.
I can only hope and pray when November comes, we remember how critical our vote is and act accordingly.
Local support for H.B. 1258is good cause for celebration
Thanks to The Vindicator and other news media, the people of the Mahoning Valley are able to keep up well with many of the workings of local and state and federal government. Some of the good news that should make us rejoice is that our own congressmen -- Rep. Tim Ryan and Rep. Ted Strickland -- have signed on as sponsors of H.B. 1258, to finally close the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga.
Over the past 14 years, many true patriots have uncovered and tried to defund that operation where our military and money have been used to train terrorists for leadership in military dictatorship in Central America, South America and Mexico. Such evidence as in Iran Contras, the killing of many indigenous in Guatemala, the taking over of Chiapas in Mexico, etc., has helped to make the case, along with the testimony of thousands of refugees from those countries.
The tireless efforts of the late Francie Kerpsak inspired many in our area to preserve in work for closing the SOA. Also, a more immediate understanding of the inhumanity of terrorism has helped many to reject the USA role in SOA. One Web site to consult is www.soaw.org.
This is a real cause of celebration and for thanking our representatives and for encouraging friends of other districts to write their legislators, and for thanking The Vindicator and other media for their role in this important change.
A child teaches her elders
I want to remember the name Lindsay Toot. Hopefully someday she will run for a public office. This 12-year-old seems to have more common sense and understanding of situations than some elected officials.
When the South Range Middle School chose to cancel the field trip to the Youngstown Symphony because some of the music from the Harry Potter movies would be played, she took a stand. She circulated a petition in support of the field trip. She was even able to understand the meaning of the "Permission Slips" that we parents are always asked to sign. "If our parents allow it, we should be able to go to the symphony. And if parents don't allow some kids to go, the others shouldn't be punished for that. That's what permission slips are for." So that's what permission slips are for? For parents to choose what activities they will allow their children to be exposed to.
I see many possibilities for this young woman in the future.