De Souza refuses to look at potential of arena project

De Souza refuses to look atpotential of arena project
Why in the world does The Vindicator continue to employ the depressing and negative Bertram de Souza? He is still complaining about the civic center even though groundbreaking is in the very near future.
It's like the money is coming out of his own pocket to have concerts, arena football, hockey, etc., with the hope of new restaurants and maybe a hotel in the future and also bringing people back downtown. What should Mayor George McKelvey do -- not go to the White House? Jim Traficant, with all his faults, secured this money for an arena. He's in jail, but give him his due. I really believe Mr. de Souza would get out a bulldozer and level Stambaugh Stadium, The Butler and Stambaugh Auditorium if he could. Shame on you for constantly being negative. You need counseling or psychiatric help. Grow up! Mr. de Souza is a detriment to this entire community.
When the arena is built, Mr. de Souza should be forever banned from going there. The arena is called PROGRESS. We need to continue to grow and offer our citizens more to do and feel proud about. We don't need a smaller downtown like some so-called experts want. We need to start thinking positively and not be afraid of growth or change. In my opinion the arena is the best thing to happen to this area since Stambaugh Stadium was built. I can't wait for it to be built and to start going there and enjoying the many attractions it will have to offer.
Councilman is way off base on school construction issue
The Youngstown city councilman and former school board member trying to incite public outrage over too few minorities' being hired by contractors working on the new Youngstown school buildings is way off base in my opinion.
He also has a very short memory. Shutting down the work sites will not necessarily transfer to political support for the outspoken minority leader or the hiring of black, Hispanic and female workers for that matter. The councilman's statements that "white contractors and white trade union members can no longer be in control of this project" are racist remarks, pure and simple. How did the people the councilman speaks of become qualified, if not by union authorization and union-backed apprentice programs?
It was just a few years ago when the entire Youngstown Board of Education pleaded with Ohio legislators to bail them out after years of overspending by forgiving the accumulated debt of nearly $50 million, which they did. More recently the Ohio legislators again listened to the pleas of poverty, old buildings and low test scores, etc., and allocated more than a whopping $80 million into the city's education building program.
According to the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau, Ohio's white population is 85 percent. The black population is 11.5 percent. Using the councilman's figures and standards, and based on which race of people provided the major source of the $130 million given to Youngstown by Ohio taxpayers in recent years, minorities in Youngstown are far ahead of most other communities regarding the construction of new schools with other people's money.
If one switches over to Mahoning County 2000 census figures, we find the white population at 81 percent and the black number at 16 percent. Anyway one looks at the taxation picture in Ohio or Mahoning County, Youngstown citizens put in a few apples and get a barrel of cider in return. The councilman, on behalf of the city's children, should be thanking white taxpayers in Ohio and Mahoning County instead of stirring up debate and taking white unions and white contractors to task. Perhaps the time has come for Mahoning County residents to consider moving the county seat back to Canfield, where it first began in the 18th century.
North Jackson