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Mail is back on course

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The letters are in the mail -- again.
CORTLAND -- Mail for residents in Cortland, Vienna and Fowler that was found along a roadside is on its way back to the intended recipients for the holidays.
The mail -- greeting cards, bills and credit card applications postmarked predominantly Dec. 13 -- was found over the weekend.
A homeowner in the 3600 block of Cadwallader-Sonk Road was routinely picking up litter along the road in front of her home when she saw the letters, and called 911.
Mark Anderson, the postmaster in Cortland, said it's believed that someone was following the mail carrier and then emptied some mailboxes as a prank.
Most of the mail for 35 people was not opened, he noted.
"Everything that was found was sent out with an explanation to the customer," he said.
The sheriff's department reports the mail was found along Cadwallader Sonk between Ridge Road and state Route 193.
Some of it also was found along Ridge Road north of Cadwallader Sonk.
Some of the mail was for people with addresses along Cadwallader Sonk, Sodom Hutchings Road and Waynewood Drive.
The Cortland postmaster was notified after the mail was bagged up and brought back to the sheriff's department and placed in an evidence locker.