President's leadership was needed then, is needed now

President's leadership was needed then, is needed now
I would like to take a few lines to express my views on President George W. Bush. Many people are bashing him now, after exalting him after 9/11. Why was he a hero after 9/11? I will tell you why. It is because he led this nation and kept us together through a major American crisis. Do you think that Sen. John Kerry could have done that? No! He cannot even express what he believes in. One day he is for a particular issue, and the next day he is against it. He flip flops too much.
President Bush is a good solid leader. He knows what issues are facing the American people, and he is dealing with them. For instance, he has given tax relief to businesses and Americans alike to strengthen our economy and to create jobs. He has instituted the No Child Left Behind Act to strengthen every school system so every child counts, and is not just passed along. He is planning on putting a new prescription drug card on the market in 2006, which will help senior citizens who have low incomes. Along with all those benefits, he is fighting to keep America safe for you and me. Every American will agree with me when I say that we do not want another Sept. 11 to happen again. I fear for our country. We need a leader who will stand strong, and defend Biblical principals. I solemnly believe President Bush does just that. May God bless America.
Economy isn't as strong as Bush would have us believe
I would like to comment on President George W. Bush's rhetoric concerning the state of our economy. I feel that anyone who truly believes his assessment of the condition of our economy has to be grossly uninformed. The economy in our area continues to deteriorate. According to Wall Street reports, this condition is reflected on the economy as a whole. He can no longer attribute this to the Democratic side of the aisle. He has a predominately Republican Senate and House of Representatives. Many members of his own party are at odds with his perceptions. Wall Street continues to release alarming numbers daily.
The U.S. Treasury continues to print dollars at a feverish rate. The only backing for the American dollar is good faith. The Euro dollar continues to appreciate in value compared to the American dollar.
Two trillion dollars in consumer debt is the highest in history. Six trillion in mortgage debt continues to plague our nation. Six trillion more in government debt and an unbelievable $44 trillion in Medicare and Social Security liabilities to baby boomers will require government borrowing at an alarming rate and will push interest rates through the roof in the future. Chairman Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve knows full well the gravity of the situation. He continues to gloss over the situation with his accomplished eloquence in assessing the economic heath of our nation.
President George W. Bush expressed his endorsement of Alan Greenspan and stated that he would endorse Mr. Greenspan for another term as the Federal Reserve Board chairman. I personally believe that this has prompted the chairman to soften his stance on the true condition of the economy especially since the presidential election is nigh.
I feel that most Americans are not fully aware of the dilemma that we face. Many feel that there is nothing that they can do to remedy the problems facing us currently. Whomever wins the presidential election will be faced with a problem of almost insurmountable proportions. To compound the problem, we are being held hostage by O.P.E.C, the pharmaceutical industry, the unilateral war debt and politicians who are receiving enormous monetary gifts through entities described above. The leaders of our nation have direct ties and are deeply indebted to those entities. May God save our country!