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Commissioners approve doctor's contract despite two objections

By Peggy Sinkovich

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The doctor provides medical care to inmates at the county jail.
WARREN -- The $270,000 yearly contract of the Trumbull County jail doctor was approved, despite legal advice and one commissioner's objections.
Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to approve the contract for Dr. Phillip Malvasi during Wednesday's regular meeting.
The lone no vote came from Commissioner Dan Polivka, who stated he would have preferred to get competitive bids.
Prosecutor Dennis Watkins also has said he recommends that competitive bids be sought. The county is not required to seek competitive bids for professional services, officials said.
Polivka also asked to table the matter for a week but Tony Carson, county administrator, said Dr. Malvasi's contract expired at the end of the month. Commissioners don't meet again until Sept. 1.
"Nothing is going to change in a week," said Commissioner Joseph Angelo. "If you're going to vote no, vote no."
Carson and Commissioner James Tsagaris stated that they are paying less in salary than they did when another doctor had the contract in 2000.
"Dr. Malvasi also has a knowledge of the jail business and knows how to keep people from needlessly going to the hospital," Carson said.
The doctor's duty is to provide medical care and treatment of inmates at the county jail. Out of his annual salary, he pays nurses to assist him in taking care of the inmates.
Commissioners and Sheriff Thomas Altiere said they are pleased with Dr. Malvasi's work.
"My voting against the contract has nothing to do with how I feel about Dr. Malvasi," Polivka said. "I think Dr. Malvasi is a good doctor. He recently took care of my mother. I just think it would have been prudent to follow the prosecutor's advice."