Boy's killer provides strong argument for death penalty

Boy's killer provides strong argument for death penalty
For as long as the innocent, smiling face of Raymond Fife is framed in my mind, my personal beliefs, and support of the death penalty will continue.
I'm curious as to when Danny Lee Hill knew he was mentally retarded. Was it before he killed Raymond Fife, or after he tortured and killed him, and was convicted and given the death penalty?
I have heard dozens of reasons against the death penalty by those who oppose it. The most common one being that executing the person who killed the victim will not bring that person back to life. For that reason alone the very fact that human life once destroyed can never be replaced should serve as to how priceless a human life really is.
Anyone who is fair minded and believes in justice would never want someone to serve time or be executed for a crime they did not commit. Anyone charged with a crime carrying the death sentence should be given the best defense especially if they are poor. The value of a human life should never be determined by personal wealth or social status. When undeniable proof of guilt erases any doubt then, and only then, should the death penalty be imposed on crimes that warrant it.
Because I have always believed that a person's conscience and soul are linked together as one, and that is what makes us human beings with our bodies that serve only as carriers of our humanity.
Those who oppose the death penalty believe regardless of how horrible or inhumane a crime may have been committed the guilty person to them is a human being.
I, on the other hand, believe when a person destroys their conscience and soul, to me they no longer exist as human beings. I was raised to believe that every person born is a child of God and enters into life with a pure soul. How that soul is maintained by the person it is given to determines their humanity or lack of it.
I am amazed that Danny Lee Hill, who claims to be mentally retarded and for that reason should not be executed, has enough knowledge of working the system by asking to have another attorney to replace the one he already has. I, and I'm sure others, believe that being mentally retarded woud describe a person whose mental ability is impaired and who has below average intelligence and reasoning. Criminals have always used that ploy of changing attorneys for the purpose of postponing trial or execution dates. A perfect example of working the system is Charles Enge who for years worked the system but who finally now sits on death row.
The death of Raymond Fife was deliberate and pure evil. Doers of evil would be wise to remember that in life everything comes with a price, including evil, and the life that you take may cost you your very own.
Unfortunately there are some who fail to remember that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste," especially when used for committing crimes.
Imagine what it would take to make this a perfect nation
As I watched an ad about a town called "perfect," I wondered what my country would be like if it were perfect.
First, there would be no wars. Second, every citizen would pay the same tax, there would be no loopholes. Third, every citizen would be entitled to free health care. Fourth, every citizen would be entitled to free education. This would not involve property taxes. Fifth, if the government wanted to amend the Constitution, it would make the First Amendment state (instead of free speech) simply "America first." Once we reach this goal, America would be perfect.
Obviously this is not possible in this day and age, but to think this is possible under our current administration is quite simply out of the question. We, as a nation, cannot let the powers that be keep making our country the most hated nation in the world. This November we have a chance to stop the insanity and make America a "perfect" nation. Just vote.