Marriage licenses
Jason R. Crum, 26, 6730 Meander Run, Austintown, and Aimee L. Brenzovich, 23, of 6584 Countryridge, Austintown.
Bryan K. Baker, 36, of 8646 Hunters Trail S. E., Howland, and Anne M. Moliterno, 33, of 115 Westminster Ave., Austintown.
Sean M. Chase, 29, of 84 Princeton Lane, Fairport, N.Y., and Sharon C. Linsz, 25, of same.
Lawrence B. Hall, 34, of 760 Delaware, Youngstown, and Anne-Simone Pekaou, 20, of 15314 Fountaine Place, Oak Park, Mich.
James D. Galich, 29, of 222 Brookfield Ave., Boardman, and Lisa Lynn Poulakos, 25, of same.
Scott J. Schulte, 29, of 51 Robinhood Drive, Youngstown, and Heather A. Pomaro, 26, of same.
Henry G. Budaker III, 31, of Austintown, and Kimberly A. Naples, 37, of same.
New complaints
In re the application of Nicholas F. Urichich: application for relief.
Barbara Pizzola admx. of the estate of Mary Suich vs. James Stoner et al, money.
Donna Hutmacher et al vs. Jessie B. Huggins, money.
Sky Bank successor vs. Estate of Lucille Moody et al, foreclosure.
Mortgage Electric Registration Systems Inc. vs. Angela J. Simcox et al, money/foreclosure.
Charter One Bank vs. Stephanie F. Diana et al, foreclosure.
National Check Bureau Inc. vs. George B. Sofranko, money.
Fallsaway Equipment Co. vs. Boardman Supply Co.,
Mark Carney dba MC Tile and Marble vs. Cricket Construction Ltd., money.
John Kumik vs. Allan McCamon, money.
Republic Bank vs. Cheryl Mallis, money.
Piedmont Television of Youngstown LLC vs. David Engler, money.
Homecomings Financial vs. Deborah A. Brown et al, dismissed.
Mahoning County Sheriff vs. Fraternal Order of Police, judgment for grievant.
B.A. Mortgage LLC vs. Tracy Vaughn Ortiz et al, dismissed.
Deborah Krause vs. Greenwood Chevrolet Inc., dismissed.
Jacqueline M. Welsh vs. James C. White, settled and dismissed.
National City Mortgage Corp. vs. Lachelle B. Barnes et al, judgment entry and decree.
Midfirst Bank vs. Cynthia D. Williams et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Erie Insurance et al vs. Jayln D. Ridriquez et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Mary Spohn vs. Bureau of Worker's Compensation, settled and dismissed.
Halcyon Insurance et al vs. Estate of Dana B. Jackson, dismissed.
Mar Zane Inc. vs. Commisso Paving Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance vs. Theresa Hoffman, dismissed.
Annette Butler et al vs. Anthony L. Foose et al, dismissed.
Beverly E. Jones vs. L.E. Black Phillip Holden, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Nechelle D. Whitmore, foreclosure.
Jacqueline M. Welsh vs. Andrew W. Check, settled and dismissed.
Bank of New York vs. Joyce E. Boudrey et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. George L. Hines, deceased, confirmation of sale and distribution.
MBNA America Bank NA vs. John C. Bennett, judgment for plaintiff.
Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Kevin M. Carney et al, judgment entry and decree.
Albert Guarinieri and Co. Inc. vs. Paul R. Tucker, judgment for plaintiff.
Midfirst Bank vs. Steven E. Mulichak et al, Richard Roe and Jane Doe, unknown occupants, and Steven E. Mulichak only, dismissed.
Melanie Diana vs. Cortland Penny, dismissed.
Phyllis Cracraft vs. Billy Bears, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Nora Jones, sentence modified to three years community control, with other conditions.
State of Ohio vs. Thomas Carcelli, sentenced to one year for trafficking in cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Brian Underwood, court imposes three years community control and to make restitution for receiving stolen property.
State of Ohio vs. Jerome Evans Jr., sentenced to 84 days and all terms of community control originally imposed to remain in full force and effect, with other conditions, for violation of community control.
Benjamin R. Holmes, settled and dismissed.
Lisa LaBanc vs. Kerrybrook Apartments, settled and dismissed.
Sandra Burlock et al vs. Donald S. Kinnick et al, settled and dismissed.
Charles E. Miner III et al vs. Kelly B. Sox et al, settled and dismissed.
National City Bank vs. Sherrie M. Guinn et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Patricia S. Shimrak et al vs. Armando Pape, settled and dismissed.
Robert McGuire vs. Arlene DeChellis, settled and dismissed.
Joseph M. Sebest vs. Campbell City School District, settled and dismissed.
State Farm Fire and Casualty et al vs. Sheely Furniture and Appliance et al, settled.
Marcell L. Mitchell vs. Three I. Truckline Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Kimberly Byers vs. Mathew J. Christoff et al, settled and dismissed.
Jeanetta Berry vs. Frank J. Amedia and Assoc. et al, dismissed.
Bruce Moherman vs. Franklin R. Caltrider et al, dismissed.
Mahoning County treasurer vs. Miles Battee et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Spotsylvania Mall vs. Keith A. Schilling et al, default judgment for plaintiff vacated, placed back on active docket.
Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Howard T. Storey Jr., et al, counterclaim dismissed and Lawrence R. Liguore, D.D.S., dismissed.
Jennifer Holliday Buchanan vs. Stronghold Technologies et al, judgment for plaintiff.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. vs. Norma E. Martin et al, Jerry Lee's Jewelers and counterclaim only, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Jeremy Bowles Sr., two years community control with monthly reporting.
State of Ohio vs. William Hogan, sentenced to three years.
Chuck Nelson vs. American Championship, judgment for plaintiff.
Greg Kerr vs. Glen Camille El-Hayek et al, settled and dismissed.
State Farm vs. Glen El-Hayek, settled and dismissed.
David W. Ritchie et al vs. Richard Molnar et al, settled and dismissed.
Clifford A. Chapella et al vs. James R. Hagerty et al, judgment.
Western Reserve Concerned Citizens vs. Canfield Township Board of Zoning Appeals et al, dismissed.
Dolores Lysowski et al vs. Teresa Slivka, settled and dismissed.
Patricia Adams vs. Joann S. Brode, settled and dismissed.
Nina Garritano vs. Anesthesiologists D.O. Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Magalo Pagan Santiago vs. Douglass Opp, settled and dismissed.
Conseco Financial Servicing Corp. vs. Ricco A. Acevedo et al, judgment entry.
Northway McGuffey College Ltd. vs. Peter C. Guira, judgment for plaintiff.
Raymond Woods vs. Lafarge North America et al, dismissed.
Louvenia Taylor vs. Youngstown City Schools et al, dismissed.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. et al vs. Dana V. Bryant, judgment for plaintiff.
Joshua Cogar et al vs. James Quinn et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Lynn Gaugler et al vs. Geraldine Elliott, dismissed.
TCIF Reo 2 LLC vs. Karen A. Salata et al, foreclosure.
Will of Mattie L. Hall: estate to granddaughter, Toddia Machen.
Will of Ann Babinchak: estate to children, George R. Babinchak, John A. Babinchak, and Carole A. Price.
Estate of Delma G. Palguta: estate to husband, Francis A.
Will of Adeline V. Longstreet: estate to nieces, Florence Swierz, Julia Popio, and Cynthia Roberts.
Will of Blanche J. Marr: estate to sons, Kenneth Marr and Harry S. Marr.
Will of Mariam A. Conner: estate to children: Edward E. Conner, Mariam A. Lowinger, and Michael J. Conner.
Real estate
PMD Builders to Margarot Dudash, Poland Twp., $169,125.
Kim Wiery to Angela M.Hoffman, Austintown Twp., $82,200.
Sam Cemino et al to Stephen E. Beatty, Youngstown, $51,700.
Brian King et al to Timothy Graham et al, Austintown Twp., $83,000.
Edward M. Garchar Jr. to Deborah Alexander, Youngstown, $85,000.
John Ryer et al to Jean A. McCammon, Youngstown, $55,000.
Josephine M. Sweetko to German Rivera Jr., Campbell, $34,459.
James S. Tavolario et al to Elias Boulos et al, Boardman Twp., $170,000.
John C. Badila Jr. to Robert E. Richards Sr. et al, Boardman Twp., $115,000.
R. Lucente & amp; Sons Construction to Christopher Mack, Austintown Twp., $167,457.
Annabelle Stephenson to John Gonda et al, Boardman Twp., $77,500.
George J. Cvetkovich to Iverson Investment Inc., Youngstown, $5,125.
Robert Kohut to Roy Root, Youngstown, $27,000.
EMC Mtrg. Corp. to Darren E. Socie, Youngstown, $15,750.
Bonnie J. Bass to Matthew McElhinney et al, Poland Twp. $80,000.
Leon L. Wallick to Susan Dudzik, Boardman Twp., $98,000.
Marjorie Gregg to John S. Markota, Struthers, $65,000.
Louise E. Dinopoulos to Christopher J. Gilkey et al, Poland Village, $100,000.
Robert P. Struhanik III to Richard Kajut III, Boardman Twp., $62,675.
Kenneth Keich to Terry Vickers et al, Jackson Twp., $186,000.
Cherri M. Garcia to San Patrick McFarland, Canfield Twp., $315,000.
Stacey J. Grinnell to Joni M.Valentin, Austintown Twp., $91,000.
Pauline Felde to Charles Pizanias, Campbell, $24,000.
Jason Weinell to David Phzio, Youngstown, $52,000.
Heather L. Kosterman to Joanna J. Shipley, Boardman Twp., $66,000.
116 Lilburne Land Contract to Vanessa Payne, Youngstown, $40,000.
William Back to Douglas A. Weaver et al, Salem, $166,000.
Ohio Savings Bank to Charles W. Curry, Craig Beach Village, $39,200.
N & amp;D Corp. to Lucy Pofers, Boardman Twp., $30,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Michele Ann Holmes, aka Michele Ann Bills, 19 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown; stock clerk, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $11,384.36; assets, $6,651.00.
Anitra Lynn Hobbs, 1342 Berwick Ave., Youngstown; sales rep, Office Team; liabilities, $27,986.23; assets, $19,675.
Richard A. King, 8417 Stoney Creek Drive, Youngstown; sales rep, Cingular Wireless; liabilities $82,331.77; assets,$2,360.
Tod A Woolensack, 79 Ridgeway St., Struthers; assistant manager, Advance Auto; liabilities, $48,120.;assets, $27,950.
Jessie James Driver, 20 W. Glenaven #3, Youngstown; warehouse worker, K-Mart Distribution Center; liabilities, $26,229.; assets, $1,520.
Patricia J. Petro, 6 W. Parkcliff Ave., Struthers; LPN, Forum Health/Northside Hospital; liabilities, $100,128.95; assets, $68,614.
Rayonna L. Henderson, 757 E. Florida, Youngstown, HIS, Gateways to Better Living; liabilities, $13,155; assets, $1,210.
Vickey M. and Leonard L. Brush, 506 Eighth St., Struthers, he: retired disability; she: financial service rep., Alltel Communications Inc.; liabilities, $124,384; assets, $102,902.
Margaret E. Kaperak, 44 Boardman Blvd. #317, Boardman, retired; liabilities, $27,244; assets, $1,240.
Bridgett M. King, aka Bridgett M. Reynolds, 49 Willis Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $10,606; assets, $1,662.
David A. and Michelle E. Johnson, aka Michelle E. West, 619 Parkwood Ave., Youngstown, he: technician, Youngstown Buick; she: dietary aide, Caprice Health Care; liabilities, $46,841; assets, $38,265.
Sherri L. Wilson, 764 Fairgreen Ave., Youngstown, senior clerk, City of Youngstown; liabilities, $52,901; assets, $14,880.
Sammie L. Madison, 74 Broadway St., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $70,764; assets, $6,500.
SusanL. Serrano, 1380 Thornhill Road, Youngstown, laminator, Fender Wizard Motorcycles; liabilities, $21,361; assets, $19,201.
Charles A. Rowland Jr., 636 Chapel Lane, Campbell, press operator, Lexington Connector Seals; liabilities, $78,478; assets, $32,650.
Salvatore's Italian Grill of Boardman Inc., 7401 Market St., Suite 791, Boardman; liabilities, $226,214; assets, $15,600.
William A. Damore, aka William A. D'Amore, 22 John St., Struthers, none; liabilities, $32,386; assets, $3,910.
Ronald E. Rhodes, 153 Tod Lane, Youngstown, len washer, Jemera Inc.; liabilities, $175,698; assets, $14,417.
Richard J. Henry Jr., 3305 Sunnybrook Drive, Youngstown, and Carol A. Henry, aka Carol A. Bancroft, 515 N. Main St., Columbiana, he: satellite TV installer, Digital Dish; she: administrative assistant, Cogun Inc.; liabilities, $120,240; assets, $53,915.
Roger Patton, 40 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, subcontractor/satellite installer, KCC Satellites Today; liabilities, $24,690; assets, $6,900.
Steven M. and Polly L. Desimone, 14983 Beard Road, New Springfield, he: maintenance, Alliance Casting; she: none; liabilities, $131,925; assets, $60,755.
Joseph B. Aiken Sr., 2906 Northview, Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $23,465; assets, $3,872.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Terri F. Crogan, fka Terri F. McMurray, 130 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Canfield; legal support specialist, Engler & amp; Associates; liabilities, $183,011.40; assets, $142,460.
Willie Duck Jr., aka Willie Duck, 127 E. Auburndale, Youngstown and Tammy L. Duck, aka Tammy Duck, 127 E. Auburndale, Youngstown; he: warehouse, Millbrook Distribution Services; she: manager, Hallmark; liabilities, $81,242.96.; assets, $42,700.00.
Docket Entries
MBNA America Bank vs. Fred Horning, judgment for plaintiff.
Divorces asked
Regina Owens, 62 Black Alley, Salineville, vs. Ronald Owens, 62 Black Alley.
Annulments asked
Melanie Weingart, 552 1/2 Washington St., Salem, and Gregory Sorber, 12205 Goshen Road, Salem.
Divorces granted
Tammy Shagnot vs. Frank Shagnot.
Tammy Mooney vs. Stephen Mooney.
Dissolutions asked
James Lantz, 1995 Southeast Blvd., Salem, and Sally Lantz, 1183 Beechwood Road, Salem.
Dissolutions granted
Doreen Kuhns and Larry Kuhns.

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