Marriage licenses
John E. Fout II, 31, of 50 N. Crescent Dr., Hermitage, Pa., and Melanie K. Boggs, 22, of 500 Niles Vienna Rd., Vienna.
Richard J. Binion, 50, of 3355 Shadyside Dr., Hubbard, and Deborah A. Shaffer, 48, of same.
Michael A. Vennetti, 26, of 284 Whitetail Run, Cortland, and Tara M. Martinez, 24, of 594 Laird Ave. N.E., Warren.
Michael R. Guerra, 57, of 2782 Tall Oaks Circle, Cortland, and Alice D. Burger, 47, of same.
Eddie L. Jackson Jr., 29, of 6425 Mason Ave., Hubbard, and Michelle R. Sizemore, 29, of 437 Power St., Akron.
David B. Mance, 41, of 8050 Brigden Road, N. Bloomfield, and Cocoa L. Hess, 29, of same.
Nathan A. Ludwig, 28, of 16790 Main Market, W. Farmington, and Carli R. Evans, 23, of same.
Calvin L. Wright, 24, of 970 Tod Ave., Warren, and Anna J.M. Booth, 22, of same.
Michael Moore, 22, of 107 Teryl Dr., Mt. Vernon, and Jill Kanterman, 22, of 1487 Woodhill Dr., Warren.
Ronald J. Cash, 26, of 906 Terra Alta St., Warren, and Jennifer M. Tringhese, 31, of same.
Steven A. Friedman, 56, of 4674 Creekside Dr., Vienna, and Elizabeth A. Turner, 47, of 220 Heritage Lane, Cortland.
Brandon J. Judd, 32, of 1288 Maxwell, Warren, and Michelle M. Walker, 30, of same.
Louis J. DeJulia Jr., 37, of 1973 Buckeye Dr., Sharpsville, and Christina L. Garriott, 28, of 671 Edgewood Dr., Brookfield.
Brian A. Votino, 32, of 6907 Highland Ave., Warren, and Carrie A. Rummell, 28, of same.
Jacob A. Weaver, 20, of 5 Short Road, Jamestown, Pa., and Loretta S. Troyer, 19, of 9404 Ward North Road, Kinsman.
Christopher M. Klinger, 24, of 2700 I-45 Texas City, Texas, and Rachael M. Sprague, 21, of 4010 Northwood Dr., Warren.
Salvator A. Melfi, 27, of 4467 Willow Creek Dr., Warren, and Tracy D. Merrell, 26, of 351 Coitsville Rd., Campbell.
David L. Brooks, 51, of 615 Ridge Rd., Newton Falls, and Lori J. Gaston, 33, of same.
Dennis L. Duncan, 29, of 5202 N. Park Ave., Bristolville, and Melanie M. Yanick, 26, of same.
Gregory P. Leopold, 43, of 3419 Lund Rd., Carrollton, and Mariann Kascsak, 38, of 5452 Palmyra Rd., Lordstown.
Christopher J. Farnsworth, 28, of 606 South Stateline Rd., Masury, and Danielle L. Shedosky, 30, of same.
Wayne Lee Grimes, 37, of 42 West Federal St., Niles, and Karen L. Brodowski, 36, of same.
Todd J. Jones, 20, of 203 Brook Dr., Brookfield, and Karen L. Boyce, 22, of 1249 Bedford Rd., Masury.
Aden E. Troyer, 20, of 4339 Donley Rd., Middlefield, and Nancy W. Miller, 19, of 8847 North Girdle Rd., Middlefield.
Kurt O. Seidler, 37, of 27 Hickory Trace Dr., Girard, and Kristina M. Payne, 31, of same.
Stephen M. Stout, 27, of 535 W. Highland, Wooster, and Danielle L. Chappelle, 25, of 2277 Overland Ave., Warren.
Melvin S. Helsley, 49, of 336 Ohio St., Sharon, Pa., and Patricia L. Laux, 46, of same.
Dennis L. Varver Jr., 35, of 275 Homeview Ave., Leavittsburg, and Amy R. Harvey, 19, of 5454 Scott St., Newton Falls.
Duane D. Jewell, 25, of 5296 Niles Ave., Newton Falls, and Kristen R. Turco, 24, of 1649 Robert Lane, Warren.
William R. Tringhese, 30, of 147 Youngstown-Hubbard, Hubbard, and Michelle S. Kermec, 29, of 20 Mohican Dr., Girard.
Brian E. Vinion, 47, of No. 23 Eleventh St., Niles, and Sherrie A. Long, 29, of same.
Allen D. Miller, 21, of 16355 Newcomb Rd., Middlefield, and Cindy E. Troyer, 21, of 10125 Penniman Rd., Orwell.
David D. Miller, 20, of 12995 Hayes Rd., Middlefield, and Christina R. Miller, 22, of 9120 N. Girdle Rd., Middlefield.
Timothy M. DiVito, 43, of 262 Fiesta, Pittsburgh, and Carolyn R. Sparks, 31, of 2420 South Bellwood, Niles.
Thomas M. Colarich Jr., 25, of 824 Warner Rd., Vienna, and Heidi L. Smith, 29, of 1311 Patchen Ave., Warren.
David E. Turner, 37, of 613 Columbia Ave., Newton Falls, and Rosendra A. Hines, 27, of same.
William R. Smith, 43, of 3411 Cadwallader Sonk, Cortland, and Rhonda L. Fish, 41, of same.
George W. Starkey, 27, of 35 West Church St., Newton Falls, and Beth A. Gordon, 23, of 2555 Newton Tomlinson, Newton Falls.
Docket entries
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Kristie Fashion et al, confirmation of sheriff's sale and distribution.
National City Mortgage vs. Ralph P. Piccirilli et al, summary judgment and foreclosure.
BLCC Inc. et al vs. Florence Gaskeen et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Keybank NA vs. Minority Communications Resource Organization et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Governors Square vs. Yoram Sisso, judgment for plaintiff.
First Place Bank vs. Richard Kay et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Steven L. Sexton et al, dismissed.
Bank One Delaware NA vs. Jennifer R. Benner, judgment for plaintiff.
Odesa Inc. vs. Gradimir V. Stanic et al, judgment for plaintiff.
State vs. Loraine McKinnon et al, dismissed.
State vs. Richard Clark, sentenced to five years for gross sexual imposition and life imprisonment for rape, to run consecutively.
State vs. Keith Love, sentenced to three years community control, with other conditions, for possession of cocaine.
Remnant Room Inc. vs. Grange Insurance, settled.
Marilyn Parry vs. Lawrence Liguore et al, settled.
County treasurer vs. Elbert Williams et al, confirmation of sale.
County treasurer vs. Lueberia Windsor et al, confirmation of sale.
County treasurer vs. Mary Jane Beardman et al, confirmation of sale.
Kevin Gorby vs. Bayless Gas Inc., settled.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Thomas Murphy et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Dante Strollo vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, settled.
Permanent General Assurance Corp. vs. Dionne Greene, settled.
Mortgage Electronic Registration System Inc. vs. Timothy L. Parker et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Arnold Oblonsky et al vs. James Foster, dismissed.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance vs. David Bell, judgment for plaintiff.
Todd Kronk vs. Joe Palumbo Jr. et al, judgment for defendant.
Regions Mortgage Inc. vs. Homer H. Swanson II et al, foreclosure.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. vs. Edward R. Wilcox et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer vs. Ronald D. Patrick et al, foreclosure.
Norwest Bank Minnesota vs. Diane T. Miller et al, foreclosure.
North Park Plaza Inc. vs. Romos Pizza Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Marion Plaza inc. vs. Riceman Custom Jewelry, judgment for plaintiff.
Meadowbrook Mall vs. Riceman Custom Jewelry Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Sandusky Mall vs. Riceman Custom Jewelry Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Huntington mall vs. Riceman Custom Jewelry Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Second National Bank vs. Timothy Beardman, judgment for plaintiff.
Farmer's National Bank of Canfield vs. Mark P. Bann, judgment for plaintiff.
Probate Court
Will of Allen B. Wilson: estate to wife, Lillian.
Will of Hilda A. Ditullio: estate to husband, Carl.
Will of Mary C. Pelini: estate to husband, Anthony.
Will of Margaret Martinko: estate to husband, Paul.
Will of Emma Montgomery: estate to daughter, Carole.
Will of Stanley Sznajkart: estate to wife, Rose.
Will of Robert E. Steib: estate to wife, Anna.
Will of Pearl E. Musial: estate to Marcia Bodine, Patricia A. Stoll, John J., Mark V., Nancy J. and Joann Musial, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
John D. Cross et al to First United Methodist Church of West Austintown, $85,000.
Joe Koch Construction to Jon K. Long et al, Austintown Twp., $162,217.
First Baptist Church to Ronald N. Desimon, Struthers, $56,000.
Karen A. Clayton et al to Neil R. Kennedy, Youngstown, $130,000.
Raymond H. Huish Jr. et al to Marvin I. Huish et al, Austintown Twp., $20,000.
Pierina M. Barone to G.N.L. Properties LLC, Struthers, $13,000.
Kathleen M. Gerdes to Ricky L. Morrison et al, Poland Twp., $92,500.
Edward O. Williams et al to Sharon Koury, Austintown Twp., $134,000.
EMC Mortgage Corp. to North Benton Presbyterian Church Inc., Smith Twp., $11,000.
Susan M. Dudzik to Elsa Munoz, Youngstown, $56,000.
Kenneth F. Fagnano to Dorothy Johnson, Youngstown, $64,000.
Stephen M. Baker et al to Carroll A. Cole, Austintown Twp., $75,000.
Bess Smith to Lynn A. Roman, Austintown Twp., $64,000.
Wm. Ricciardulli et al to Christine Vath, Youngstown, $25,000.
Laura B. Hayes to Charles M. Wright et al, Boardman Twp., $81,500.
Joreth Gaudio et al to Max Dillow, Boardman Twp., $131,500.
Scott M. Yurcisin et al to Dain Pusser et al, Boardman Twp., $73,400.
Betty L. Luzier to Michael J. Moschella et al, Boardman Twp., $150,000.
Louisa J. Torres to David Rodriguez, Youngstown, $8,000.
Irene B. Rutana to Alan B. DiRienzo et al, Campbell, $29,000.
Thelma Huffman Wolf to B & amp; D Trucking Inc., Youngstown, $7,100.
John E. Brabant to Nanette E. Donithan, Berlin Center, $80,000.
David A. Nagy to Duane E. Reichard, Austintown Twp., $129,500.
Terry L. Vickers to Danny T. Beniston, Ellsworth Twp., $115,500.
Thomas W. Malutic to Andrew Ridenbaugh, Lowellville, $125,000.
Barth & amp; Richardson Management to Latessa Construction Ltd., Springfield Twp., $25,800.
Catherine A. Clelan et al toJoanne L. Bradaick, Struthers, $52,000.
Neil Kennedy to Mark Star, Youngstown, $69,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust to Alan D. Wolfe et al, Boardman Twp., $69,900.
Hubert B. Lawrence et al to Patricia J. Stacey, Columbiana, $185,000.
Edward L. Stiles Jr. et al to James W. Bartell et al, Boardman Twp., $131,000.
James S. Paris et al to Carl Lawrence et al, Struthers, $81,000.
Dorothy M. Miller to Michael A. Kern et al, Canfield, $97,500.
James A. Croyle et al to Gina M. Colla, Youngstown, $65,000.
John A. Dickey et al to Michael S. Fitzpatrick et al, Struthers, $75,500.
Jane Macejko et al to Sean A. Gleydura et al, Struthers, $88,500.
Anthony Elmo et al to Joseph Freedman et al, Boardman Twp., $112,000.
Rose Tomidajewicz et al to Stephen J. Bayer et al, Boardman Twp., $140,000.
Daniel Blystone et al to Randolph T. Smith Jr. et al, Austintown Twp., $102,400.
Janis J. Sutherin Trust to Hubert B. Lawrence et al, Columbiana, $141,000.
Edward L. Kraver et al to David R. Brooks et al, Youngstown, $52,500.
Thelma J. Watterson to Larisa Piwtorak, Youngstown, $77,250.
Aquarius LLC to Teresa B. Irwin, Youngstown, $52,500.
Stephen M. Bannon et al to Danielle L. Scianna, Boardman Twp., $149,900.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Joseph F. Peluchette, 1546 Victor Ave., Youngstown, and Dannielle M. Peluchette, aka Dannielle M. Harlan, 1546 Victor Ave., Youngstown, he: sales associate, Walmart; she: none; liabilities, $26,933; assets, $10,170.
Leonard Franklin, 635 W. Boston, Youngstown, and Raheema Franklin, 635 W. Boston, Youngstown; he: WCI; she: media specialist, Best Buy; liabilities, $74,850; assets, $42,745.
Linda R. Payne, 3531 Hillman St., Apt. 115, Youngstown, disability; liabilities, $8,267; assets, $1,053.
Anne M. Drapcho, aka Anne M. Korhely, 701 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $76,163; assets, $6,262.
John T. Bowers, 262 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, laborer, Foust Construction; liabilities, $267,948; assets, $54,400.
Lina D. Hagg, fka Lean Moreno, 3547 Belden Ave., Youngstown, health worker, Omni Manor Health Care Center; liabilities, $44,245; assets, $1,800.
LeAnn M. Ludt, aka LeAnn M. Brine Lude, 6811 New Road, Youngstown, new account representative, First Place Bank; liabilities, $65,565; assets, $6,623.
Albert M. Jackson Jr., 4525 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, administrator, SEIU; liabilities, $133,681; assets, $67,710.
Loretta Bosworth, 928 Lanterman, Youngstown, Caprice Health Care Center; liabilities, $75,385; assets, $22,100.
Michelle L. Wallace, aka Michelle L. Holmes, 1316 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $36,332; assets, $990.
Mary Jo Zatchok, 60 N. Richview Ave., Youngstown, cafeteria worker, Sam's Club; liabilities, $7,878; assets, $5,584.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Thomas R. King, 21 Maple St., Canfield, and Jennifer M. King, 21 Maple St., Canfield, he: teacher, Hubbard Schools; she: dental assistant, Dr. Raupple; liabilities, $174,103; assets, $144,000.
Jessica L. Merrell, 2916 Noel Drive, Youngstown, fulfillment specialist, Sky Bank; liabilities, $19,906; assets, $11,680.
Edith M. Peterman, 6904 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, and P.O. Box 3615, Youngstown, dietary aid, T.H.I.; liabilities, $17,300; assets, $6,811.
Frank J. and Shari L. Costanza, 4197 Nottingham Ave., Youngstown, he: unknown; she: unknown; liabilities, $139,997; assets, $128,451.
Edward M. Jr. and Rhonda M. Esker, 3416 Arden Blvd., Youngstown, he: none; she: human resources, USA; liabilities, $184,678; assets, $71,638.

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