Electrodermal screening leads to positive results

The probe helps determine the medical problem.
In 1980, when Synthia Suzelis gave birth to her third son, Blake, who suffered from multiple birth defects, little did she know that this heartbreaking event would lead to her life's work.
Blake was born with his small intestine formed outside his body. The doctors did surgery to correct this problem, but gave little hope that he would live.
After his birth, Suzelis says, "I was led to a group of alternative doctors at the King Health Clinic and began treating Blake with homeopathics. I saw immediate improvement in his condition and decided to learn as much as possible for myself."
She first studied Naturopathics at Hanna Hills Health Clinic, then Electrodermal Screening (EDS) for a year with Dr. Roy Kerry of Greenville, an allergist and environmental specialist.
In 1986, Suzelis became a practitioner of EDS. In 1996, Suzelis and her husband, Ted, opened Healthy Treasures health-foods store, and Health Advocate Services in Newton Falls, where she sees EDS clients.
How it works
EDS is done with the use of a small metal probe that emits a weak electrical current, and a computer which measures the data collected by the probe.
EDS is based on the theory that energy pathways, or meridians, flow through our bodies and correspond to specific organs.
The probe is gently pressed onto acupuncture points on the hands and feet, to measure electrical conductivity, which should be lower than the rest of the body at these points.
If the readings are higher or lower than normal, that indicates that the corresponding organ is not functioning properly.
Karen Shardy of Vienna met Suzelis about 10 years ago. Her son, then 11, had numerous health problems, including asthma, tonsillitis, allergies and a severe behavioral problem that caused him to have mood swings and throw temper tantrums, beginning at age 9 months.
By using EDS, Suzelis determined that the problem was yeast-related and prescribed the correct homeopathic remedy.
Within two days, Shardy noticed changes in her son. She says, "I thank God every day for Syndie. She gave me back my son. He was so sick, but his problems all went away within a month because of EDS." Now, at age 23, Shardy's son has not had any recurrence of his illnesses.
Her experience
Shardy also tells of her own experience with Epstein Barr, a virus that infects the liver, spleen or nervous system and is a primary cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
"I was so dead tired all the time, I couldn't remember driving home from work, and I would easily fall into a deep sleep," she said. "My hands and feet felt like they had cement blocks on them, and I could barely function."
With EDS, Suzelis discovered the Epstein Barr infection, and prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Shardy said the virus has been in remission ever since.
Suzelis uses EDS with her homeopathic practice, but this tool may be helpful in both alternative and traditional health care. Acupuncturists may use it to discover which meridian is out of balance and chiropractors may use it to find spinal subluxations.
Medical doctors and dentists may also use it to help select the best medications, or to choose the most compatible dental fillings for each patient.
XLaughing Crow is a practitioner of holistic healing. She may be reached at laughingcrow@neo.rr.com.

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