Neither vulnerable. North deals.

Neither vulnerable. North deals.
x -K J 10 5
u -5
v -A K 6 5 4
w -Q 8 6
x -3 2 x -7 4
u -Q J 10 9 8 u -A 6 4 2
v -Q 10 9 7 v -8 3 2
w -A 2 w -K 9 7 5
x -A Q 9 8 6
u -K 7 3
v -J
w -J 10 4 3
The bidding:
1v Pass 1x Pass
2x Pass 4x Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: Queen of u
"The Bridge World," founded 75 years ago by Ely Culbertson, has had only five editors. Culbertson was succeeded by Albert H. Morehead, Alphonse "Sonny" Moyse, Edgar Kaplan and Jeff Rubens, who was among those recently inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame. While the magazine does devote much of its space to covering tournaments and new developments in theory, it does have an excellent section devoted to improving the play of average players, To gain the most out of this deal from its section "Improve Your Defense," cover the South and West hands and decide how you, East, would defend four spades after partner leads the queen of hearts.
South's jump to four spades is somewhat aggressive, especially at this vulnerability. But should he be made to pay for it?
"West may have one or two useful high cards, but the defense will need club tricks to beat the contract. If declarer has the king of hearts and ace of clubs, the defense will be hard-pressed to score four tricks.
"As it's hard to see how to succeed unless West has the ace of clubs, the percentage play is to place him with that card. Therefore, your strongest plan is to win with the ace of hearts and shift to a low club at trick two, hoping that West's ace is doubleton (and not giving up all hope if it isn't)."
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