Campbell residents must support their firefighters

Campbell residents mustsupport their firefighters
Your city council has proposed to eliminate the Campbell Fire Department in an attempt to balance the city budget. The citizens of Campbell need to let the council know that your safety forces will not be the scapegoat for its incompetence.
Your firefighters not only offered a zero percent contract back in January, they have offered numerous contract CONCESSIONS in subsequent proposals. Do you see council making concessions? Have they forgone the raises they voted for themselves? According to the state investigator, the fire department is the only department in the city to offer not only concessions, but also was the only department to make revenue recommendations. The deficit in Campbell has grown since 1998. Over the past six years, what has council and our mayor done to try and rectify and stunt this growth? They asked Campbell taxpayers to pay more and then misappropriated the levy funds.
It's time the residents of Campbell let council and the mayor know that "BAD ACCOUNTING" is not a good enough excuse. They need to take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions.
Please show your support and attend the city council meeting tonight and let them know your safety is not to be sacrificed. Campbell firefighters can be anywhere in the city in four minutes or less to respond to house fires, car accidents, carbon monoxide leaks and lift assists. If they eliminate your full-time fire department, that time will increase to an average of 10 minutes or more. Campbell firefighters also have mutual aid agreements with surrounding communities. Among the ranks of the Campbell Fire Department, there is a fire investigators and two Haz-Mat team members. Campbell firefighters are also dispatchers for the police department in emergencies, allowing more police to be on the scene.
It is often said that something is not appreciated until it's gone. Please don't let this happen with the Campbell Fire Department. We all know someone who was affected by their presence -- whether a fire call, a car accident, or a rescue, even floodwaters -- they were there. Keep them there.
Attend your city council meetings. Be heard. Don't let them gamble with your safety.
Let us no longer acceptpat answers from leaders
"So many citizens leave their government business in the hands of people who are willing to make it more or less of a business. It is true that politicians are worthy of what they earn, just as every one else is, but citizens who are interested in good government will be wise to take part in the government and make sure those who are in politics will carry out their work in the interest of the community."
Those words were quoted from Eleanor Roosevelt in an article from the Detroit Evening Times, dated Aug. 9, 1938. The wisdom was appropriate then and more significant today. Regardless of party affiliation, it is incumbent on each voter to learn the facts and ask questions. If a promise is made by a politician, one should ask: Who pays for it? Who benefits from it? What is the real cost, in time and money?
Mrs. Roosevelt's last words are significant: "in the interest of the community." It does not address the wants of any special interest group, and it shouldn't. Our representatives should focus on what is right for us all.
I would ask every voter to look beyond the sound bites of political ads or the smooth rhetoric of some politician saying, "You have a problem." Tell me something I don't know. Tell me how you will make the situation better for me, without making it worse for someone else.

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