Patiently wait for God's answer

There is a peace in seeking the counsel of God in prayer.
We know that God is all-powerful and there is nothing that he cannot do, and yet it is difficult to understand when we seemingly don't hear back from God after pouring out our hearts to him.
Scripture tells us in Psalm 84:11 that no good thing does he withhold from those who are his. For that reason, it is the true children of God who hold on to the promises of God when darkness surrounds them.
In 1 Peter 4:19, we are told, "So then, those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. & quot;
Jesus did not come to this earth to save us from the pain and struggles of this world but to help us rise above our difficulties as we are being transformed into his likeness. We will never obtain true happiness on this earth, so we need to keep our eyes on the things above.
God's silence
It is during that time in our pain when God seems silent that he is doing his best work in us. He is stretching our faith and getting us ready to withstand the pitfalls of this world.
If we can remain strong even when we don't feel the presence of God, then we are shown to be true sons and daughters. Nothing makes the devil flee quicker than when we can praise God in the midst of our trials. The love of God will never fail us.
The greatest men who walked this earth have all felt the silence of God. Jesus himself suffered as he endured the Father's silence. Yet the silence of God only served to reveal the greatness of God!
In Genesis, Joseph was sold into slavery and imprisoned for something he didn't do. Yet Joseph held still unto the Lord for years until the time of God's plan in which he was made second in command of all of Egypt.
Moses endured 40 years in the desert. Job endured pain and suffering at the hands of Satan. Daniel survived the Lion's den. The list goes on.
All those who were used for greatness for God's glory had to face difficulties and times of silence. The power of God is manifested in our weakness and brokenness. The eye of the Lord searches this world for those who will stay faithful in the battle.
There is power in God's silence. He has promised to not leave us or forsake us so we are never alone in our difficulties. The stillness of God is his way of strengthening us for he has promised that nothing that comes against us will ever stop his perfect plan for our life.
God's plan for our lives was so important that he sent his only Son Jesus to die for it. Remember that the silence of God is always filled with his strength to take you through whatever comes against you. You just need to be still and know that he is God!
X Marianne B. Lordi attends Highway Tabernacle in Austintown.

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