VIDEO GAME REVIEW 'Catwoman' follows film paw prints

The game is like the movie: a catastrophe.
The Hollywood-licensed game "Catwoman," which reportedly spent just eight months in development, looks and plays like a rush job. Electronic Arts, which has had great success with games based on the "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings" and "James Bond" movies, strikes out sloppily with this shoddy title.
Much like the movie, the game's appeal starts and ends with star Halle Berry, who provided both her voice and likeness for the game. Berry's character looks great, whether climbing fences, strutting across rooftops or standing still (leave her alone for a moment, and she rubs her hands against her leather pants and licks her hands). But all the effort sunk into these motion-capture animations seems to have left no time or money to make any of the other characters look half-decent or any of the levels to look better than collections of clip-art backgrounds.
Control is as wretched as the graphics: Although many parts of the game demand precision (for instance, using your whip to navigate its mazelike environments), a horrible camera system constantly obstructs your views. You wind up having to replay often boring levels until you memorize the right sequence of moves to get out of each one alive.
This game is the perfect counterpart to the critically lambasted movie -- something that appeals to neither fans of the comic nor those of Berry. It belongs in the cat litter box, right next to the flick.
X"Catwoman" is available for computers with Windows 98 or newer as well as GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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