HOW FAST? What people say

Darlene Torday of Berlin Center: "I think increasing the speed limit for trucks makes sense. When they go at a slower speed than automobiles they become a hazard to other drivers and themselves."
Roger Faubel of Canfield: "Better late than never. What takes Taft so long to make a decision that every other state has made a long time ago? Ohio may get into the 21st century."
Madeline J. Shanks of Poland: "Gov. Taft might as well raise the speed limit to 65 since most of the trucks go that fast anyway. If you've ever been behind a truck on the turnpike, you'll know this is true."
Eve M. Christopher of Liberty: "It's about time the speed limit was raised. This action should result in an easier traffic flow and less congestion. Although, as we are all aware, trucks have been exceeding the posted 55 mph all along."
David Szakacs of Niles: "I think it is a good idea. ... Traffic would flow much better if the trucks were allowed to drive faster."
Bob Bakalik of Youngstown: "Raising the speed limit for trucks from 55 mph to 65 mph is a joke. I drive the turnpike quite often and never have I seen a truck going 55 mph. Raising the limit to 65 will mean the trucks will go 75."
Jeff Sprinkle of Poland: "I'm not sure I know of any trucks regardless of size that travel the mostly three-lane Ohio Turnpike at 55 mph. They may as well raise it to 65 mph, and while they are at it, raise the auto speed to 70. I'm not one to drive 90 mph, but let's be realistic."
Jennifer Milano of Canfield: "To tell the truth, I feel it doesn't matter. They go at what speed they want to anyway. So whether it is 55 or 65 mph, they still go 80."
John Repasky of Poland: "With the current speed limit of 55 mph, I am often passed by trucks going 70 to 75 mph. With the limit raised to 65, will they be going 80 to 85 mph?"
Dawn DeArmitt of Youngstown: "My observation has been that trucks do not obey the 55 mph speed limit anyway so I don't think it will make much difference if they raise it to 65 mph. I think trucks should have a reduced limit because of their reduced visibility and the consequences of an accident are much more serious when it involves a truck."
Judy Prescott of Liberty: "I would rather have the trucks on the Ohio Turnpike than on Route 422, which is where they are now. In my humble opinion, lowering the toll would help more than raising the speed limit."

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