Poland stands at crossroads, literally and figuratively

Poland stands at crossroads, literally and figuratively
One hundred and twenty five years ago, Ohio historian Henry Howe described Poland Village as "one of the neatest villages in the state." This statement is as true today as it was then. Poland's beginning as a coach stop can be appreciated today in the preserved 1804 Old Stone Tavern, and in the village, over 90 structures display an historical marker designating them as being at least 100 years old. Most of these homes have been carefully and lovingly restored and preserved. They provide historic integrity to the village and are its most precious treasures. One of these historic homes, the 1850 Augdon House at 322 South Main Street, is currently being threatened.
The McBarscot Company recently purchased the Augdon House and has applied for a demolition permit. If the Augdon House is not moved, it will be demolished and another historic house will be lost, as was President McKinley's boyhood home, which stood on the site of the parking lot beside Home Savings on South Main Street. The McBarscot Company is seeking village permission to expand the Riverside Condominium Project, which it owns, onto the site of the Augdon House. To move the house onto village property beside the bridge, as proposed by the Poland Preservation Society, would have saved the old house and preserve the 19th century character of the very spectacular Yellow Creek bridge area. But to build massive condominiums on the present site of the Augdon House would destroy the historic character of that important area "at the top of the hill" and set a terrible precedent. Where would it end? The floodgate to condominium development in the historic district would be opened!
I implore Poland residents to ask themselves "Why do I love Poland?" If historic character and sense of community are part of your answer, then I urge you to help preserve the historic character of Poland Village by expressing your opinions to village council and the mayor. This is a crucial moment for Poland Village. We must preserve Poland for future generations as "one of the neatest villages in the state."
Bush has pulled us up;Kerry would drag us down
Have you ever met an alcoholic? No, not the guy lying in the gutter with an empty bottle of Ripple. He's not an alcoholic. If you don't believe me, just ask him.
It's the guy down the street, the one with the nice wife and kids. He's the alcoholic, and he'll openly admit it. He hasn't had a drink in years, but he'll assure you that he's an alcoholic.
There's one thing all admitted alcoholics have in common. They all had to hit rock bottom before they were able to pull themselves out of the gutter. Afterward they must totally abstain from alcohol because one drink could send them right back to the gutter.
In a sense, we're all recovering alcoholics. We hit the bottom with the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Then, amid our surprise, disbelief, and despair, we resolved to pull ourselves out of the gutter and take committed action to see that it never happens again. Inspired by the steely determination of George W. Bush, we fixed our gaze on success and victory. We knew what had to be done, and we were willing to do it. We would never forget 9/11.
Well, we have forgotten -- at least some have -- and the news media and the Democratic Party are to blame. With the 9/11 images hidden, we are told that 9/11 really didn't happened or that it could never happen again. We're offered the cup of complacency, liberalism, and cowardice, and too many are quick to take the drink that leads straight back to the gutter.
We are now faced with a choice. Will we remain vigilant with President Bush and take the fight to those who seek to destroy us, or will we join John Kerry in the gutter, drunk on our own indecision and complacency?
New Castle, Pa.

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