Both vulnerable. South deals.
x -10 8 6
u -Q J 5
v -Q 9 6
w -Q J 7 4
x -K Q x -J 9 7 5 4 3 2
u -A 10 8 6 u -Void
v -10 8 4v -J 7 5 2
w -9 8 5 3 w -10 6
x -A
u -K 9 7 4 3 2
v -A K 3
w -A K 2
The bidding:
1uPass 2u Pass
5u Pass 6uPass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: King of S
Trump Coup Tommy was back at the club from a long summer vacation. It was not certain which the members had missed more -- his amazing exploits when trumps broke badly, or the regular amounts he contributed to their budget by flubbing the simplest contract. Here is another example of his peculiar talent.
Tommy decided that, despite 21 high-card points and a six-card suit, the long hearts were too weak for a demand bid. However, when partner raised to two hearts, Tommy leapt to five hearts, inviting partner to proceed to slam with good trumps. North obliged.
West led the king of spades and the kibitzers were wondering how Tommy would manage to go down on what appeared to be a laydown contract. That all changed when Tommy won the first trick with the ace of spades and led a trump to the jack, fetching a spade discard from East. Suddenly, Tommy was in his element.
His first task was to reduce his trumps to the same length as West's. A spade was ruffed in hand and the ace, king and queen of clubs were cashed, East discarding another spade on the third round. Tommy returned to hand with the safe club ruff and, now, with both his hand and West's down to three cards each in the red suits, Tommy was ready to complete his magic act.
Three rounds of diamonds were cashed, ending on the table, and dummy's remaining spade was led, Tommy ruffing with the king! West was helpless. Since underruffing would not help, West was forced to overruff with the ace and then lead a trump away from the ten into Tommy's combined J 9 tenace. Once again Tommy had turned up trumps!
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