1st--Leaving Texas (Centeno)
D J's Jubilee (Spieth)3.802.20
Mister Mighty Mac (Felix)3.00
Scratched: Playcodered. Also ran: Time On the Run, Misty Riches, Clay Time and No Magic. Exacta (4-5) Paid $69.40. Trifecta(4-5-7) Paid $343.60. Superfecta (4-5-7-6) Paid $766.40.
3rd--Aloween (Gonzalez)
Real Rhythm (Woolsey)3.002.60
Bad Dog (Villa-Gomez)2.40
Also ran: Momsmercedes, Doc Ron, Notjustanothertune, J B's Crown and Shomrim's Guard. Exacta (7-6) Paid $51.20. Trifecta (7-6-5) Paid $138.20. Superfecta (7-6-5-8) Paid $624.00. Pick 3 (4-3-7) 3 Correct Paid $1,492.60 Pick 3 Pool $1,926
5th--Jet Love (Gonzalez)4.202.802.20
I Cant Refuse (Spieth)3.202.40
Go Johnny Go (Feliciano)2.80
Scratched: Kirschwasser. Also ran: No Matches, Hasty Vik, Sherm and Agone. Exacta (3-6) Paid $15.40. Trifecta (3-6-5) Paid $8.80. Superfecta (3-6-5-4) Paid $427.80. Pick 3 (7-3-3) 3 Correct Paid $599.80 Pick 3 Pool $3,096
7th--Reggie Wins (Villa-Gomez)5.403.602.60
Mr. Cash City (Cloninger)4.603.80
Country Legionaire (Zamora)13.40
Scratched: Lota Spunk. Also ran: Decorate, Forteyounzer, Found a Nickle, Mega Mill and Dinkers Forever. Exacta (8-5) Paid $21.40. Trifecta (8-5-7) Paid $264.60. Superfecta (8-5-7-6) Paid $558.20. Pick 3 (3-4-2/8) 3 Correct Paid $73.40 Pick 3 Pool $1,279
9th--Cider (Centeno)12.806.804.80
DQ-Gaellic Warrior (Zamora)13.6012.40
Sweeper Four (Villa-Gomez)7.40
Scratched: Feather Fan and Rivalry. Also ran: Black Forest, Regal Appeal, Heart Flash, Spectacular Dancer, Migrating South, About Time to Win and Cumberland Gap. Exacta (5-9) Paid $159.40. Trifecta (5-9-2) Paid $855.20. Superfecta (5-9-2-1) Paid $1,597.80. Pick 3 (2/8-5-5) 3 Correct Paid $342.40 Pick 3 Pool $1,547
11th--Orofino Prize (Spieth)13.606.405.20
Miss Semoran (Skerrett)4.604.40
Princess Ginny (Bracho)9.00
Scratched: La Lobo. Also ran: Wiki Wiki Magic, Scoot Bootnboogie, Jest a Zeal, Theresalwaysastory, Puzzle Girl, Elegant Serenade, Bruja Negra and Maria Farina
Exacta (3-5) Paid $77.80. Trifecta (3-5-9) Paid $2,200.20. Superfecta (3-5-9-11) Paid $2,733.00. Pick 3 (5-7-3) 3 Correct Paid $100.20 Pick 3 Pool $1,936
13th--It's Groovy (Felix)8.604.603.80
Peasynq's (Cloninger)24.003.60
Never Take Risk (Skerrett)4.20
Scratched: Sumcor. Also ran: Whos Twining Who, Gold Dial, Jaguar Jade, Great Trilogy, Timely Oak, Dicky, Proper Direction and Mr. Bird. Exacta (11-6) Paid $103.00. Trifecta (11-6-12) Paid $690.60. Superfecta (11-6-12-2) Paid $3,124.00. Pick 3(3-7-9/11) 2 Correct Paid $74.00 Pick 3 Pool $1,674.
Mutuel Pool:$58,914.
1st--Premier Court (Feliciano)5.002.802.40
Noifsnoandsnobuts (Lumpkins)5.003.40
St. Albert Fox (Duys)3.20
Scratched: Imreadyimready. Also ran: Comealive, Anything But That, Buckflanker, Little Mitch, Youfaxguero and R Lil Cat. Perfecta (2-5) Paid $30.00. Trifecta (2-5-9) Paid $156.60
2nd--Got Gear (Parker)4.603.402.40
Adella (Stokes)18.205.60
Jayhawk Janet (Walker)2.60
Scratched: Mauk Place. Also ran: Miss Crafty Lady, Victoria Anne, Summer Pro, Very Vicki, Stormin Janetrose and Diplomate Girl. Daily Double (2-8) Paid $13.20 Daily Double Pool $19,319. Perfecta (8-4) Paid $85.80. Trifecta (8-4-9) Paid $315.20
3rd--Captain Ben (Stokes)35.2017.404.80
Canaletto (GB) (Parker)6.803.20
Burst First (Lumpkins)2.60
Also ran: Senator Jim, Token Tonko, Storm Tale, Justice Bites, Resisting, Star Connection and Buck's Best Boy. Perfecta (2-3) Paid $179.40. Trifecta (2-3-6) Paid $693.40
4th--Holy Sudan (Stokes)45.6023.6014.60
Vanastash (Pindell)21.8012.60
The Nth Degree (Pereira)3.40
Scratched: Sunshine Lake. Also ran: Man of Few Words, Truly Honored, Dothan, Media Saint, Saratoga Gent and Big Joe Little Joe. Perfecta (10-3) Paid $986.80. Trifecta (10-3-9) Paid $4,618.60
5th--Victoria's Image (Parker)17.0010.006.40
Just a Patton (Stokes)6.805.00
Sent Home (Duys)7.00
Also ran: Enticing Beauty, Marian's Muse, Twin Pirate, Pretty Cute, Mean Irene, Ms. Mac N Cheese and Mrs. Soprano. Perfecta (6-7) Paid $105.20. Superfecta (6-7-1-5) Paid $4,350.00. Trifecta (6-7-1) Paid $1,124.40. $1 Pick 3 (2-10-6) 3 Correct Paid $6,999.00 Pick 3 Pool $9,332
6th--Positive Spirit (Murphy)21.4011.405.20
Pouring Rain (Andrews)28.0010.20
Consoling Granny (Quinones)3.00
Also ran: Instant Reward, Bold Line, Tricky Wars, Save the Moment, Flight of Ideas, Slot Happy and Bobbie Gene. Perfecta (10-8) Paid $333.40. Trifecta (10-8-9) Paid $1,483.40
7th--Hasty Dreams (Stokes)133.8045.4023.20
Teasing Arlena (Walker)5.609.80
Desert Conquest (Villa-Gomez)11.40
Also ran: Apres Minuit, Chaster, Dobies Little Girl, Afternoon Magick, Honey Rascal, Princess Roney and Unswerving. Perfecta (2-5) Paid $702.80. Trifecta (2-5-3) Paid $7,419.20
8th--North of Dixie (Parker)11.406.004.20
Taltech (Garcia)15.607.60
Astral Plane (Stokes)3.20
Scratched: Control Signal. Also ran: Woodhugh, Quiet Reflection, Countontherun, Midnight Miner, Charlie Haan and Saturday. Perfecta (2-3) Paid $123.80. Trifecta (2-3-8) Paid $1,870.60. Pick 3 (10-2-2) 3 Correct Paid $3,153.00 Pick 3 Pool $12,612
9th--Lipstick Lies (Garcia)22.208.405.40
Taste of Hadif (Pereira)4.203.80
Jeb's Song (Alvarado)5.20
Finish Time: 1:05.71. Also ran: Gold Scepter, Proud Tears, Diligent Manners, Isn't It True, Suave Lass, Docs Puddin and Scootinaflash. Perfecta (2-4) Paid $90.80. Trifecta (2-4-9) Paid $1,163.60
10th--Gone Courting (Parker)6.403.402.60
Barefoot Jerry (Ramgeet)3.602.60
Just Spoof N (Marcial)2.40
Also ran: Newer Technology, Vying for Gold, Elm's Legacy, Klassic Pride, Opening Word, Marked Ace and Super Fuzzy. Perfecta (1-5) Paid $26.60. Superfecta (1-5-6-4) Paid $313.00. Daily Double (2-1) Paid $118.60 Daily Double Pool $18,253. Trifecta (1-5-6) Paid $60.60.
Attendence: 4,178. Mutuel Pool:$58,138
1st--Striking Genius(K Sugg)4.602.803.20
Late At The Gate(K Holliday)4.003.20
Sos Cancun(F Harris)5.20
Exacta 7-6 Paid $9.80. Trifecta 7-6-1 Paid $118.60.
2nd--Veronica Star(T Hall)3.602.602.40
Chargin' Cathy(H Beachy)3.002.80
Dedi's Dave(K Kash Jr)8.40
Exacta 5-2 Paid $9.40. Trifecta 5-2-8 Paid $135.20. Daily Double 7-5 Paid $7.60.
3rd--Mary My King(T Hall)7.605.203.20
Striking Beauty-(R Lippiatt)21.405.60
Dead Reckoning(A Merriman)2.60
Exacta 6-7 Paid $192.00. Trifecta 6-7-1 Paid $759.60.
4th--Dees Missile(R Fisher Jr)43.6010.406.40
Asgoodasitgets(K Sugg)15.007.80
Cinder Lane James(J Mapes)10.20
Exacta 8-7 Paid $697.60. Superfecta 8-7-9-6 $1 PRICE Paid $12,917.70.
5th--Home Stand(A Merriman)3.802.602.20
Countylinehustler(T Hall)3.002.20
My Shelly Amore(K Kash Jr)2.60
Exacta 5-9 Paid $10.40. Trifecta 5-9-2 Paid $37.00. Pick Three 6/8/5 3 OF 3 Paid $1,519.00.
6th--Call Me Hazel(K Holliday)3.002.602.60
Super Dust(G Daniels)9.207.00
Francie Susie(H Beachy)9.00
Exacta 2-5 Paid $16.40. Trifecta 2-5-7 Paid $315.00.
7th--Hogue's Happy Buck(Kash)23.808.004.20
Fox Valley Vertigo(J Thompson)13.606.40
Love That Jate(A Merriman)3.00
Exacta 2-9 Paid $256.60. Trifecta 2-9-4 Paid $1,577.80. Superfecta 2-9-4-ALL Paid $2,360.00.
8th--Cg Hailys Commet(W Popio)5.403.402.40
Ill Will(R Fisher Jr)4.403.00
Magdalas Almo(T Hall)2.60
Exacta 5-4 Paid $20.60. Trifecta 5-4-1 Paid $58.60. Pick Three 2/2/5 3 OF 3 Paid $56.60.
9th--Pickachu(T Hall)15.408.805.20
Cuteasabutton(K Holliday)13.407.00
Dave's Design(K Kash Jr)4.20
Exacta 6-9 Paid $193.80. Trifecta 6-9-4 Paid $1,171.60.
10th--Falcon Appeal(T Hall)
Surf Sam(K Kash Jr)4.603.20
Major Cadet(B Sturgeon)6.20
Exacta 3-9 Paid $43.00. Trifecta 3-9-5 Paid $482.00. Superfecta 3-9-5-7 Paid $2,232.20. $1 Pick 6 5/2/2/5/6/3 6 OF 6 Paid $361.50. $1 Pick 6 5 OF 6 Paid $13.30
11th--Krissy K(K Kash Jr)
Super Mystic(T Hall)2.402.40
Two Days Bad News(W Popio)3.00
Exacta 9-4 Paid $23.20. Trifecta 9-4-2 Paid $95.40. Pick Three 6/3/9 3 OF 3 Paid $467.60.
12th--Four Starzzzz Dds(Merrim)28.2010.806.00
Bristolake Torpedo(J Wengerd)6.203.60
I'mahumdinger(J Thompson)6.80
Exacta 7-1 Paid $179.20. Trifecta 7-1-4 Paid $1,855.60.
13th--Harry The(T Hall)13.6010.603.00
Punctual Sam(A Merriman)5.803.20
Hardrock Hudson(K Holliday)2.40
Exacta 4-2 Paid $65.20. Trifecta 4-2-6 Paid $218.40.
14th--Freddy Spaghetti(Merri)46.8013.404.80
Big Guy Osborne(T Hall)3.202.80
Up Front Bet(H Beachy)6.20
Exacta 6-5 $190.00 Late Double 4-6 Paid $500.20. Superfecta 6-5-3-4 $4853.40 Trifecta 6-5-3 Paid $1,447.40. Pick Three 7/4/6 3 OF 3 Paid $4,798.80. Pick Four 9/7/4/6 3 OF 4 Paid $199.80. Pick Four CARRY OVER $2697.59.
Attendance: 2,252. Handle: $1,001,881
1st -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Net Eagle,C Hershberger; Turbo Connection,K Kash; Town Lover,L Gorfido; Tsm Roadhouseblues,G Grismore; Standing Ho,W Popio; Kinda Ideal,T Hall; Houdini Hill,R Hopper III; True Blue,K Holliday.
2nd -- PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Cappucino Hanover,K Kash Jr; Coon Dog Bob,G Grismore; The Real Me,S Schillaci; Tosboynamedsue,W Popio; Provara's Best,D Ross; Country Welcome,T Thomas; Ok No Bull Debbie,T Hall; Peachfuzz,L Merriman.
3rd -- PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Dedi's Jasmine,T Thomas; Bud's Rain,D Ross; Ima Prince Too,K Kash Jr; Nolana's Safety,W Irvine; Yankee Fawn,S Schillaci; Ironstone Pacific,C Wyers; Shannysboy Osborne,A Merriman; Naturally Noble,G Grismore.
4th -- TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Rompaway Twister,K Kash Jr; Cable Gram,F Harris; Rose Run Fonzie,R Randall; Chip's Recruiter,A Merriman; R C Charger,T Hall; A Bug's Life,C Smith Jr; V-Mart Bill,S Schillaci; Hinkle,R Beback Jr; Two Days Odyssey,W Popio.
5th -- PACE, NW260PSCD, 2,500, 1 MI
Color Me Black,J Thompson; Whata Bad Boy,A Merriman; Nuclear Sam,W Popio; Chocolate E Clair,K Kash Jr; Starting Lineup,W Irvine; Look Both Ways,T Tharps Jr; Donven Devious,G Grismore; Mighty Mackintosh,T Hall.
6th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Killians King,W Popio; Teasing Scooter,A Merriman; Mostly Magic,T Hall; Flaming Sahbra,T Hall; Jt Jangles,G Grismore; Gold Bandit,S Schillaci; Whatsdragonbob,W Irvine; Apache Rama,J Thompson; Don't Question Me,J Wengerd.
7th -- TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Pearl's Secretary,R Eidens; D J's Messinger,R Cassavaugh; Chinny Chin Chin,G Grismore; Earl The First,A Merriman; Final Try,K Kash Jr; Gee For Sox,R Angus; Tabby Key,C Smith Jr; Son of A Bush,F Harris; I Will Come Over,W Popio.
8th -- PACE, 5000CL, 2,800, 1 MI
Leach,J Mapes; Spare Time Carl,A Merriman; Mr Senator,T Hall; Western Magic,K Holliday; Almahurst Looker,K Kash Jr; Rinestone Mix,T Jones; Defiant Sahbra,W Popio; Terri's Colt,C Smith Jr; Doctor Gus,J Thompson.
9th -- PACE, NW300PSCD, 2,800, 1 MI
Sportscenter A,T Hall; Illegal Smile,R Beback Jr; Taco Hanover,K Kash Jr; Mcgwire,S Schillaci; Key To Freedom A,G Grismore; Mattrofconvenience,A Merriman; Whitlock N,J Thompson; Mr Star,K Holliday.
10th -- TROT, NW300PSCD, 2,800, 1 MI
Dees Bomber,T Jones; Pj Stock,T Cole; Fugeddaboudit,M Robinson; Don't Inquire,T Hall; Spoon River Kid,R Beback Jr; Balancia Crown,A Merriman; Arnon,W Irvine; Rinestoneringnbell,G Grismore; Roseofshannon,C Hershberger.
11th -- PACE, 15000CLNW6, 3,800, 1 MI
Rinestone Buddy,A Merriman; Cg Herb,W Popio; My Fella,G Grismore; Probable Cause,S Schillaci; Tivo,K Kash Jr; Freespirit Hanover,T Hall; Speedster Sahbra,C Wyers; Petala,J Mapes; Black N Gold Pete,K Holliday.
12th -- PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Beautyskooldropout,G Grismore; Bubba's New Nykes,T Tharps Jr; R N A Hanover,W Irvine; Four Starzzzz Coop,S Schillaci; King's Choice,J Mapes; Rustler Mike,K Kash Jr; Rama's Gangster,R Beback Jr; Kaluhacrombie,C Wyers.
13th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Cadillacconnection,K Kash Jr; Blue Rock Towner,R Hopper III; Armbro Regal,W Popio; Denver Bronco,D Kennedy; The Desert Fox,J Mapes; Land Sam,G Grismore; Tickle Me Toy,W Irvine; Kt Jake,F Harris.
14th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Priceless Package,T Jones; Point and Shoot,G Grismore; Altamonty,C Wyers; Rudy Rudy Rudy,J Mapes; Off Side,A Merriman; Cadet's Cadence,K Kash Jr; Nuke The Bunny,T Hall; Travis Trip,R Beback Jr; Eric Lance,K Holliday.

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