The cute puppies and kittens of today become unwanted, problem pets of tomorrow

The cute puppies and kittens of today become unwanted, problem pets of tomorrow
I saw an advertisement in the classified section of the newspaper stating, "Free puppies, these ones are so cute, they'll go fast." Six months later I noticed the exact ad, same wording, same phone number. Then I began to notice how often this happens. Many people are letting their pets reproduce over and over again, sometimes every six months!
Maybe they don't realize that their "adorable, too cute to pass up" puppies and kittens will very likely end up in a dumpster as garbage after having been shoved into a gas chamber and killed. And others of them will be abandoned or put on a chain, in a dog house with no hay, too hot in summer and too cold in winter. They will pant and suffer, flea infested in the summer heat or become wet and shivering, sometimes freezing to death in the winter. They will be alone, hungry, thirsty. Some will not even have shelter. These animals will also reproduce puppies and kittens which are "too cute to pass up," and they will suffer a similar fate. The chances of each of them winding up in loving homes with owners who will care for and spay/neuter them are very slim.
Sometimes when these cute and cuddly puppies and kittens grow up and aren't so cute and adorable any longer their owners (the same people who couldn't resist them), will lose patience with them. If these animals don't become housebroken quickly enough or if they chew things or cry too loudly the very people who couldn't live without them will kick, beat and abuse them.
Is this the fate you want for the puppies and kittens YOU allowed to be born?
There are so many discount spray/neuter programs in our area; there is no excuse for allowing such cruelty to continue. If you cannot afford to have your pet spayed/neutered or if you are elderly or a low income family, CHAT, Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment, can help. They can work with you to come up with an affordable plan so that you need never allow this to happen again. Call 330-386-5528.
CHAT is sponsoring a "Walk the Waggin' Trail" walk, (Bring pets on a leash) in Thompson Park, East Liverpool, Aug. 21 from 10 a.m. to noon, for a $3 donation. Proceeds go toward an emergency medical fund, for injured and critically ill pets.
New CHAT members are welcome at any time.
How can White House bepleased by debt report?
I read in The Vindicator last week that the national debt at the end of 2004 will be the greatest ever. The White House says that's good because it will be less than projected. Yeah, right! It would be even better if the projection had been higher, I guess.
They went on to say they would cut the national debt in half by 2009. Well, not actually in half, just half of what they had projected. They further stated that no emergency spending would be included in the national debt.
If you're sinking into credit card debt, just increase your projection. If you have any emergency expense don't count that. That way, you'll be & quot;turning the corner. & quot;
Figures don't lie, but. Well, you know the rest.