ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER Speaker uses distinct characters of the Beatles to teach success

John Lennon said anyone can reach great heights, says John MacCarfrae.
CLEVELAND -- The Beatles sang that all you need is love. John MacCarfrae suggests that all you need is the Beatles.
The motivational speaker will host a seminar, "All You Need Is Success," at 5 p.m. Friday and 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday as part of the Abbey Road on the River Beatles-theme festivities this weekend at the Cleveland Public Hall and Mall B in downtown Cleveland.
Based in Liverpool, England, the same locale where the Fab Four originated, MacCarfrae and his company, Maverick, illustrate the benefits of emulating the attitude and ingenuity of the band members through seminars and online training courses.
Comparing personalities
Since 1999, the company has used the personalities of John, Paul, George and Ringo and their ability to work through problems and move forward as a means to demonstrate how others can achieve Beatle-like success in their own lives.
"Our unique contribution is our ability to help individuals to embark upon their own journey of self-discovery through an interactive learning experience that uses the analogy of one of Merseyside's greatest exports -- The Beatles -- and encourages learning through a combination of education, training and entertainment, or as I call it 'Edu-trainment,'" MacCarfrae said in an e-mail interview.
"The seminar program uses the analogy of The Beatles as a source and inspiration and is used purely as a vehicle to engage audiences and help them to live better lives. Because of the universal appeal of the Fab Four, I find that the analogy really helps to motivate and engage people as it helps them to easily apply it to their own organization or personal situation."
It uses the words and music of The Beatles as the foundation to help MacCarfrae communicate more effectively to his audience. Then, he goes beyond the music and presents an approach towards achieving goals.
Final message
"In one of his final interviews as a Beatle, John Lennon gave me the rationale for the seminar theme -- success. He said that, 'The Beatles were just a band who made it very, very big, that's all.' I believe that what he was really saying to us all is that if we really want success, it is up to us to get it. I think he was suggesting that there was no magic success formula that The Beatles adopted in their rise to the top. I think he was saying that it was just a case of preparation, application and opportunity coming together at the right time. Something that we all have at our disposal when it comes to planning our own success in our lives."
Maverick has developed a behavioral model called The Fab Four Style Analysis. It uses the four Beatles character types to represent specific behavioral styles to help people understand their personal preferences and those of others in order to improve personal and working relationships. For example, someone may share John's dominant nature, Paul's networking ability, prefer a select group of friends like George or have Ringo's teamworking skills.
"But remember, that 'In The End,' no matter what your Beatle style is, always be yourself and understand that one style is not above another. Every style has a part to play, whether it is John, Paul, George or Ringo."
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