Q & amp;A Paris Hilton: in the pink and loving it

There is no slowing down the star of 'The Simple Life.'
Catching up with Paris Hilton, the star of Fox's "The Simple Life," requires a megadose of patience and persistence.
Like any multitasking career woman, Hilton, 23, has a packed calendar. If she's not working on her new clothing line, she's in the recording studio for her upcoming album.
Or maybe at a party in the Hamptons, or heading off to Europe for a week.
Hilton's series wraps up its second season at 9 tonight. The show, co-starring Hilton's longtime friend Nicole Richie, debuted last summer, featuring the young women in situations far from their usual hangouts in Beverly Hills, Calif.
They lived with an Arkansas family last season, and this year they've tooled along America's highways in a pink pickup truck.
Via her ever-present cell phone, Hilton recently chatted with The Washington Post about the show and her life beyond television:
Q. What has been the biggest surprise for you in doing "The Simple Life"?
A. I'm just so happy that so many people like it and that I can make people laugh. I love to make people laugh. It's a comedy, you know, so that's why people watch. I have so much fun doing it, working with my best friend and we have fun together.
Q. Have you ever been tempted to skip out on the road trip and simply check into a nice Hilton hotel?
A. We wanted to but they wouldn't let us.
Q. The show or the hotel?
A. The show. It wouldn't be funny if we did that, you know.
Q. Whose idea was the show's pink pickup truck?
A. The last time we had the blue truck and we ended up painting it pink so this time they gave us a pink one to start with. Pink is my favorite color.
Q. Any special shade of pink?
A. Just pink. Any pink. All pink. I love pink.
Q. What kind of car do you drive?
A. A Hummer, a black Hummer. Next time I want a pink Hummer.
Q. What is your regular life like, in comparison with the TV series?
A. Very different. I live in L.A. and New York and have a very different life.
Q. If you could leave your own life behind and really live the simple life, without all the cameras following you, would you do it?
A. I want to have kids and a family someday, and I want to move somewhere out of L.A, but for now, my work is in L.A. and New York. I'm young and right now I love L.A.
Q. What are your hobbies?
A. I love horseback riding. I have horses, they're mostly pintos, you know, paint horses. I ride Western, I love to ride. And I love ice skating. I play ice hockey too. I've been playing since 10th grade.
Q. Isn't hockey kind of rough?
A. Hockey is not so rough if you play it with girls. You're not supposed to check people.
Q. What position do you play?
A. I don't know what it's called, we always change positions. Not goalie, definitely not goalie. Usually I do score a lot of goals though. I really do love ice skating, have always just loved to skate.
Q. What is next for you careerwise?
A. My album is coming out next year. There's no title yet. We're still finishing it, still writing the songs.
Q. Whose songs, are you covering someone else's music or are these original songs?
A. I'm writing the songs. I'm an Aquarius, so I like to keep myself busy. (Hilton's birthdate is Feb. 17, 1981.)
Q. On the show, you and Nicole seem to really chow down, especially in the episode where you couldn't pay for your food at Burger King. As a former model, do you watch your weight?
A. No, not really. I have a really good metabolism. And I love Burger King, it's my favorite fast-food place.

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