What ails the city: landlords, tenants shirk responsibility

What ails the city: landlords, tenants shirk responsibility
The real problem in the city of Youngstown is the slumlords. They get paid by the government and rent houses to immoral and irresponsible people.
After living on the South Side of Youngstown for over nine years I have observed the following:
ULandlords rent houses but don't take care of them.
UThe tenants, who aren't even paying the rent, leave garbage, toys and other materials strewn all over the lawn and streets.
USingle women have multiple children from different men and let the children, even small ones, roam about the street without supervision.
UThe children curse, fight, throw garbage and run all day and into the night.
UThese same women that have different men come into their houses throw loud, boisterous parties without respect for their neighbors.
Until the city holds landlords and tenants responsible for what is going on, the city will continue to breed evil, disrespectful criminals.
God is watching, and on Judgment Day all these adults will answer to him.
Who will act on behalf ofthe elderly, the ill, the poor?
I would like to express my views on an article in The Vindicator July 20, "Cheney says health care needs malpractice lawsuit reform." Cheney blames trial attorneys for the woes of our country. Not the war in Iraq or the nearly 1,000 Americans who have been killed and the thousands who have been wounded. Not the 40 million people without health care. Not the unemployed 8 million, the highest since the Depression. Not the high cost of prescription drugs.
Speaking of prescription drugs, last night on the news, bus loads of senior citizens were shown going to Canada in hopes of purchasing drugs at affordable prices. As I understand it, these seniors will travel several hours and then are examined by a physician and then purchase their prescription drugs and then take the bus back home. This is a disgrace. Why do we have to go to another country for help.
The culprits here seem to be the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies.
The attorneys are the ones we go to when we are wronged. They are not the ones driving the bus to Canada; the Bush administration is behind the wheel.
Where is the lobby for the elderly, the sick, the handicapped, the children and the poor? We have no money for them -- too many tax cuts given to the people who need it the least, the rich.
A great American, Hubert Humphrey, once said, "A country will be judged by the way they treat the needy." If that's true, I think we are in trouble.
Why the Playhouse is ailing:Board is weak on gratitude
Perhaps the dissidents have a point about the Youngstown Playhouse's present board.
My late mother, Elizabeth P. Osgood, left a $1,000 bequest to the Playhouse in her will.
I mailed the check on her behalf Feb. 21, 2003. Although the check was promptly cashed, to this day I have yet to receive an acknowledgment, let alone a "thank you."
Scientific terms aside, a lifeis a life: Don't destroy it
Regarding the recent letter concerning stem-cell research, let us put aside words like gamete, zygote, blastocyst, totipotency, multipotent and other terminology regarding stem cells. To the writer, I can say with scientific certitude that at one time you and I were both embryos. Had someone destroyed us in the embryonic stage, there is no doubt they would have destroyed you and me.
There is no point after you and I were conceived that we were not in a real substantive sense you and I. If we look closely at the empirical evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that when dealing with a human embryo, we are dealing with a tiny human being, and by destroying that embryo we are destroying a human life.