Media need to get behind passage of county sales tax

Media need to get behindpassage of county sales tax
I am irked about the negative publicity given to public employees -- elected and nonelected. One would think that because of their job classification they should be doing more or do work that is not in their job description. Some writers are gloating over the announcement of the reduction in health care benefits provided by the Ohio Public Employment Retirement Service. Shame on you!
And the comparison of workers "at the public trough" and the private sector is ridiculous. Do you know that there are jobs in the private sector that equal benefits to those received by public employees? There are companies and unions who offer IRAs, pensions and health care benefits for their employees. But don't mention that -- pick on the policemen who risk their lives to maintain peace and security. When you personally need help and get it from someone at the "public trough," silence is golden!
Is it not convenient to blame our public employees for the past failure of the sales tax issue? Please! The writers of your newspaper and any news media should concentrate on the passage of this issue. Educating voters is the solution for the passage of the sales tax. Do all the voters know what the sales tax is all about? Do they know who pays it? Or how the money is distributed? Our county officials know that repeated elections cost money. Why not vote in favor of this issue and avoid costly elections?
If we want continuing public service, this is the fairest way to pay for it. The media has an obligation to the public to promote the passage of the sales tax issue by explanation.
Trying to point fingers won'tfix intelligence problems
The July 25 Vindicator editorial about the report just issued by the commission investigating the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks says that the report is flawed because it does not accuse specific individuals of responsibility for the intelligence failures that made the 9/11 catastrophe possible.
The fact is that commission leaders have argued convincingly that such finger-pointing would distract our nation from the urgent business of reforming America's multiple intelligence agencies. Turf battles among these organizations and their failure to share important information effectively contributed greatly to that catastrophe. This must stop if further disasters are to be avoided, and both the Bush administration and the Congress must focus on it immediately and intensely. If that requires calling a special session of Congress, so be it.
There is a natural reluctance to create a Cabinet-level "intelligence czar" position, but it is difficult to see how anything less will get the job done. The alternative is ever-increasing danger of even larger, more devastating terrorist attacks on our soil. We citizens must tell our elected officials, loud and clear, that partisan politics and finger-pointing must give way to prompt, intense, cooperative administrative and legislative action to solve this grave problem.
Stop further developmentuntil flooding woes are fixed
I read in astonishment the front page article regarding & quot;developing the LAST piece of land in Boardman, & quot; the Turf Farm property on the corner of Western Reserve Road and Tippecanoe Road.
The article went on to mention the concern for causing any flooding in Boardman.
Hello! Boardman already is being flooded. The Mahoning County Mitigation report states 2,064 out of 6,781 parcels experience flooding, within a 100-year flood plain. Boardman is No. 1 in Mahoning County when it comes to flooding.
Recent articles estimate it will take $24 million to correct the problem. Township officials do not know how to obtain the money to fix the problem. It may take 10 years!
I shudder to think that our county and township officials will ever ponder the thought of more development before fixing the flooding problems.
There must be no more development allowed in Boardman. This & quot;LAST & quot; piece of land development may be the & quot;LAST & quot; straw for the entire community.

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