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Rumor adds justice to Tim Daly's family

Sunday, October 19, 2003

There is one misconception about Tim Daly's family that he wants to keep going.
Rumors abound he's the grandson of the late Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. It's not true, Daly laughs. But it's a nice thought for him.
"I love it. It makes me sound so respectable," says Daly, who is starring in the family drama "Wilder Days" (8 tonight on TNT).
Here are the real facts of his family tree: His sister is character actress Tyne Daly, and their father was veteran announcer James Daly, who died in 1978.
"I lost my father when I was pretty young, so for some reason, stories of fathers and sons and generational things work on me," he says of why he took the "Wilder Days" part. "My parents divorced when I was 9. When he was at home, I thought it was wonderful. When I was a teenager, it got more complicated."
In "Wilder Days," Daly plays John Morse, a son with a bumpy, bitter and distant relationship with his father (Peter Falk). John and his father share one thing in common -- their love for John's son.
"This story is about an adult man who has to grow up," Daly says. "This is how his son gets to witness that, and Peter Falk's character is sort of the facilitator of that for all these people."
Daly has a teenager himself, and can relate to how complicated family relationships can get.
"I think if there is anything I do well, it is being a parent. I make that a priority of mine," he says.