From Monday's city council meeting:
Safety Director Robert Paterniti reported it will cost $16,000 for a repeater system for police and fire departments radios. Paterniti said the system is needed because of "dead spots" where police and firefighters can't communicate. He explained Hubbard Township trustees are agreeable to sharing the cost. If not, the money will be taken from the city's capital improvement fund.Mayor George Praznik said during the caucus session the city might consider attempting to get out of its contract with Shell Oil Co. because of the increasing cost of gasoline for city vehicles. He said the price is lower at Flying J Travel Plaza in the township. Law Director Gary Gilmartin will determine if the contract with Shell is exclusive.Council designated First National Bank as a secondary depository for city funds. Treasurer Marsha Ruha has said the bank has a program that pays a higher interest rate and fewer checking fees. The program is expected to save the city $6,000 annually, she said.Council authorized the law director to prepare legislation to award a tree-trimming contract to Nelson Tree Service at $131 an hour. Councilman William Williams, D-at-large, said the bid is for a full crew, but Nelson will use a half crew in most cases for a charge of $64 hourly.

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