WARREN Sewer project advances

The street is higher than driveways in some spots.
WARREN -- A long-awaited project to alleviate flooding in a city neighborhood has reached its first step.
City council was expected to consider tonight an ordinance authorizing a contract for the Comstock Street N.W. paving and storm sewer project.
The project is expected to be funded through the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments' District 6 Integrating Committee either this year or next year.
The Issue 2 portion of the $746,000 project is $213,000. The remaining amount will come from last year's city Community Development Block Grant money.
Councilman Alford L. Novak, D-2nd, the legislation's chief sponsor, said the project was slated a few years ago, but when Issue 2 money didn't come through, council voted to reappropriate the block grant money for sidewalks and lighting on Main and West Market streets downtown.
Novak voted against that change.
"This is a long-awaited project," he said. "A lot of people were very disappointed when the project was delayed."
The area is part of the Red Run sewer project planned in the early 1980s, the councilman said. Fremont Avenue N.E. is the only area that was tied into the 64-inch sewer line.
Problem with ditches
Most of the homes just have ditches and most of the ditches drain into the Mahoning River, Novak said.
"One gentleman has a ditch and no one knows where it goes when it drains," he said. "It was built so long ago and there aren't blueprints."
On some sections, the street is 3 to 4 feet higher than the driveways. During periods of heavy rain, driveways and yards flood.
"The intersection of Vernon and Comstock floods," Novak said.
The project calls for sewers, rebuilding the road, installing curbs and constructing sidewalks in the areas where there aren't any.
"Some of the residents have been waiting for this project for almost 25 years," Novak said.

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