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The Vindicator asked some of its News Contacts how they rated President Bush's State of the Union speech:
I sure hope the president sat down and went over the country's checking and savings accounts to make sure we have the money to pay for all the things he wanted. We may need to open a Christmas club account.
Rich Harvey, McDonald
President Bush gave a wonderful speech tonight addressing practically every issue confronting the American people. I don't need the liberal media or the Democrats who will do everything in their power to stop the president's initiatives to tell me what he said. I heard what he said, and I like it.
George Grim, Boardman
I was very disappointed in this speech. When he spoke of bringing food and medicine to a liberated people of Iraq, I tried to imagine myself as a mother accepting such help from a country who possibly killed a child or loved one of mine. And yet, I got the president's message very clearly that no matter what, we will go to war.
Kelly Gialousis, Campbell
President Bush laid it on the line for America in a truthful and forthright manner. I feel he is taking the nation in the right direction, and he is sincere and trying hard. What more can we ask from a leader?
Dave Metzler, North Jackson
I am quite annoyed with the importuning of our God by the president. I feel God should be left out of the equation.
Kim R. Kotheimer, Boardman
Good presentation, but it left me quite concerned. With his present approach, we run the risk of becoming an island to ourselves in the world. Make a legitimate case to the world leaders for their support.
John W. Riley, Petersburg
I'm a Republican, but I wasn't born a Republican. I was born to think for myself. For that reason, George W. better tell me more than I should support him because he knows what's right for me. Every vile thing he says about Saddam, I could say about North Korea, Iran, Pakistan. But we're staying out of North Korea. Fortunately, it does not have any oil. The leader of North Korea is no better, nor any worse than, Saddam Hussein, but isn't it odd how we found so many other options other than war!
Donna Kay Ferguson, Lisbon
President Bush did an excellent job with his State of the Union speech. He is acting with confidence, and this will give confidence to Americans.
John Repasky, Poland
The president recognized the needs in our country and our world and laid out intelligent and workable solutions. He showed his moral values and bravery in being willing to protect our unborn.
Judy Yorks, Hubbard
After listening to our president talk of the potential evils, the greatest threat, I feel, is that of our president. Hopefully, as he ended, "Let us place our confidence in a loving God to guide us. & quot;
Laura Grohovsky, Austintown
Bush needed to announce a strategy for creating good jobs in the United States. Unfortunately, he's not that smart. His speech relied on empty patriotic rhetoric, which makes people want to wave their flags. Bush is ignoring the real economic problems in this country because of his obsession with war and tax cuts. He has no vision for America.
Betsy Johnquest, Youngstown
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