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Friday, January 31, 2003

Atty. Kathi McNabb-Welsh presented some facts on jury duty in Mahoning County:
Once a year, the court draws jury duty candidates from the county's roll of registered voters. The courts draw grand jury and petit jury members from this list.
Potential jurors can be excused from duty if they present a valid reason to the jury commissioner.
Jurors are paid $20 for each day of service.
If you are summoned for jury duty, you have to show up. Otherwise, a deputy sheriff will serve you with a summons to appear before a judge.
Atty. Herman Carach offered these tips on what to do once you have hired a lawyer:
Have papers in order when you go to the office.
Make clear, concise statements of your problem.
Answer the questions the lawyer will ask to learn more about your problem.
Ask the lawyer questions, including how much it will cost, how he feels about the case, how long it will take and how he will be paid.
Source: People's Law School, first class