History tells us that we don't start wars

History tells us that we don't start wars
In an article in the Jan. 1 Vindicator, the president was quoted as follows: "An attack from Saddam Hussein or a surrogate of Saddam Hussein would cripple our economy." As Col. Potter ("MASH 4077") would say, "horse hockey." For those who choose to forget or don't remember, the U.S. economy before 9/11 was already on a downward spiral. How far down it would have gone without 9/11 is very hard to say, but the administration was not doing anything to assist in a recovery, other than to want to reduce taxes.
Again the president: "This economy cannot afford to stand an attack." I don't know about any of you out there, but if this president is so afraid of any outside force bringing this country to its knees, then he should resign and go into hiding. By starting a war, and that is what he wants to do in order to keep us safe, he would doing something this country has never done. We have never started a war.
On The Vindicator editorial page, "2003 could be a tough year," the last three lines of the editorial, are apropos. I believe that as a nation we can withstand anything any country may try to throw at us. Don't believe that the Homeland Security Act, or the nationalization of airports' security, or any number of safety measures being discussed by this administration will protect our population of 250 million souls.
To think that we can negotiate with North Korea, and invade Iraq, is idiocy. North Korea can only think that they will be next on our "goal" in seeking world peace.
City gives residents reason to be proud and thankful
On behalf of our son and daughter-in-law, Steve and Becky and their children, we thank Youngstown police and firefighters who saved their home from becoming a total loss from fire in November, and express our appreciation for those in the community who have been offering assistance during recovery.
Our blessing in this tragic event is that no one was injured and that we live in a community of brave and caring people.
An alert police officer, Dan Mikus, reported the fire while on patrol on the city's southwest side, and stayed on the scene to help. A fast response by Fire Department companies kept our children's home from burning to the ground. We thank battalion chief David Harris, investigator Alvin Ware and all firefighters for doing their jobs quickly and professionally despite the layoffs that had occurred and during temporary station closings.
On that day, our children's dog escaped unharmed and was found being cared for by a family nearby. Before nightfall, as windows were boarded, both next-door neighbors offered their homes as places to stay, as did pastor Bob of nearby Christ Church Presbyterian on Canfield Road where the congregation remains very supportive.
We have much to be grateful for as we begin this New Year.
Neighbors, fellow parishioners at St. John Greek Orthodox Church in Boardman, friends everywhere, we thank you for all that has been done to help our son and his family through the holidays as repairs begin.
As city residents for more than 50 years, we now have one more reason to appreciate and be proud of the community in which we live.
A helping hand extended
I am writing this to thank the couple that helped my husband and me when he passed out at the Eastwood Mall Dec. 7. I did not get their names, so I hope they read this letter.
Thank you and God bless you.

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