HELOISE Individual albums make great keepsakes

Dear Heloise: My youngest son had a friend visiting who wanted to see pictures of him as a youngster (he turned 40 this year). It gave me the idea to put together individual albums for my five children and three grandchildren. I've titled them "Life Memories." They have all enjoyed receiving them on their birthdays.
We all have so many photo albums gathered from family get-togethers. This way, they'll have pictures of their grandparents, as well as all family members. Lorraine Shelton, Newmarket, N.H.
Your gift is one that will last through generations. It's a wonderful idea for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see photos of their family. Also, make sure you date the photos and possibly put a little information about the family members under each photo. Heloise
Fast Facts: When you are finished with your pretty calendar, don't toss it. There are a few things you can do with the pictures:
Glue a picture onto cardboard, trim the edges and cut it into different shapes to make a puzzle.
USome photos are really beautiful -- mat and frame them.
UPut animal photos in a loose-leaf book for children with the names of the animals on the pages.
UGive them to children for art class.
UMake place mats -- laminate on the back and front of the picture.
Dear Heloise: When I bring home pantyhose, I cut the information as to color, size, control top, sandal foot, etc., off the package and put it in a clear plastic bag with my hose.
When I get a run, I mark the bag with a red X that tells me they can only be worn with slacks. Bobbie Lambert, Missouri City, Texas
Dear Readers: This is a hint from Mother's column in 1962. I hope you enjoy reading it:
"For those who have trouble keeping creases in their sons' school trousers, here is a hint that will help keep them much longer after mother irons the trousers.
"While pressing the trousers, put a little starch in the water used to wet the pressing cloth. This will hold and set the crease until the pants are laundered again. Mrs. F.T."
Dear Heloise: One thing that ticks me off is when I make an appointment for a doctor's visit, only to wait about an hour. Then I'm moved into an examination room, and there I wait again.
Why can't doctors allow a certain amount of time for each visit, naturally allowing for emergencies? A person shouldn't have to wait more than a half-hour. A Reader, Via E-mail
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