TRANSFER, PA. Pet grooming items and toys expected to add Loomco jobs

The line's pet shampoo bears a label saying it was tested on humans first.
TRANSFER, Pa. -- Local businessman Rodney J. Loomis and John Paul DiJoria, co-founder of Paul Mitchell Systems salon products, have announced a joint venture -- John Paul Pet grooming products.
The line of more than 100 grooming and toy items was to be unveiled today at the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association Inc. Show in Atlanta, Ga.
Loomis, president and chief executive officer of Loomco International, said his company has had its own line of pet products for years and coming up with a name-brand pet line was "just an idea in my head nine months ago."
A mutual friend introduced him to John Paul DiJoria and the John Paul Pet line was born, he said.
With more than 30 years' experience in the hair and skin care products industry, developing pet products was a natural for DiJoria.
"Pets are so special. Throughout most of our lives, we look for the perfect relationship, a companion that agrees with us, a companion that loves us and is loyal and there for us. And, if we're really lucky, one that does not argue with us," DiJoria said.
Loomis said a pet shampoo is central to the new line and that there are plans to expand into pet foods and pet snacks as well.
The pet shampoo, he noted, bears the notice, "Tested on humans first."
All of the products will be warehoused and distributed at Loomco's facilities here, which will create some jobs, Loomis predicted.
The products are of high quality but will retail for only $5 to $9, he said.
A portion of all profits will be donated to animal charities, including some local organizations, Loomis said.

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