NILES Federal agents search house, take weapons

A Secret Service agent said there is a chance the weapons could be returned to the man.
NILES -- Secret Service agents and Niles police searched a Blossom Lane home and took several weapons for safekeeping.
David Lee, resident agent in charge of the Akron office of the Secret Service, said the search at 102 Blossom Lane Monday afternoon was part of an investigation being conducted through his office.
"We were investigating weapons that were alleged to be at the scene," he said. "There was a question on whether the male who resides there was entitled to have these particular weapons in his possession."
He did not name the man, nor say if his whereabouts are known.
No information was available on how many weapons or what types were recovered, but Lee said agents had information that the weapons may have been modified in a way that would make them illegal to own or possess.
Lee said Niles police were called in to assist with the home search. The weapons are being held at the Niles Police Department, but officials there referred all questions to the Secret Service.
Lee said the male resident is not in the area at this time, but agents and Niles officers interviewed his parents.
He added that no one was taken into custody and that no one has been charged with any crime.
Lee said the man will probably be questioned when he returns to the area, and that the weapons may be released. "There may be a chance that he could get the weapons back," he said.

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