Book gives advice on cosmetic options

Friends say you look tired. You suddenly realize how much you look like your mother -- or grandmother. You practice pulling back the skin of your cheeks. You're thinking of a "procedure."
Do you want a lift? A mini laser lunchtime treatment? What about liposuction?
Whom do you ask? For starters, research with the new book Change Your Looks, Change Your Life: Quick Fixes and Cosmetic Surgery Solutions for Looking Younger, Feeling Healthier, and Living Better (HarperResource; $27.95) by Michelle Copeland, a physician who specializes in cosmetics surgery.
Copeland lists the options ranging from making nonsurgical lifestyle changes first (such as losing weight) to chin augmentation and full body lift. She tells you what to look for in a doctor.
Some facts:
UYo-yo dieting inflicts repeated damage on the skin.
UIf you're having your nose fixed, avoid carbon-copy shapes.
UIn a high percentage of cases, a forehead lift relieves migraines.

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