Ty Longley Memorial

The guitarist's family is waiting for his ashes to arrive before scheduling a service.
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YANKEE LAKE -- Family, friends and fellow musicians plan to gather and celebrate the memory of Ty Longley.
J. Patrick Longley, his father, said a memorial service will take place at Cornerstone Christian Church, state Route 7 and Chestnut Ridge Road, in Hubbard Township. He said the family is waiting for Ty's ashes to arrive before they schedule the service. The tentative date is Monday, but no time is set, he said.
Immediately following the church service, everyone will gather at the Yankee Lake Ballroom for a tribute performance by local musicians.
Max Schang, a Sharon, Pa., guitarist and former music teacher of Ty's, will perform at the church service, and is expected to perform at the tribute show as well.
Schang said he is sure other memorials will be planned across the country for Ty.
The former guitarist of the metal rock band Great White died Feb. 20 in a fire at a Rhode Island night club. The fire, which occurred at The Station during a performance by the band, killed 97 people. More than 180 others were injured; some are still listed as critical.
Longley was initially listed as missing, but dental records were used to identify his remains Feb. 23.
A news posting on the guitarist's official Web site -- www.tylongley.com -- mentioned the local memorial, as well as one in Los Angeles, where Ty most recently lived and worked. Additional details were not available.
National press reports say the four remaining members of Great White will perform, but Longley said he knows nothing of that; the bandmates may attend the service, but he has no confirmation.
Byron Hontas, the band's publicist, said Ty's bandmates are waiting for word on when the memorial service will be.
"I know the band would love to be there, but they aren't sure if they can be," he said.
The remaining members of Great White were in Rhode Island Wednesday to answer questions before a grand jury on what happened that night.
Pyrotechnic effects used by the band are being blamed for the deadly fire. Band members contend they had permission to use the effects, while club owners say they were never told the plan.
Hontas said Great White's members are cooperating with authorities and will be wherever the Rhode Island Attorney General needs them to be.
"A lot of stuff has to happen between now and whenever a memorial service is with that," Hontas said. "Right now, they are taking things very hard, trying to grieve, but they don't know where they will be needed."
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