NEW CASTLE Trash companies speak against V-Quip recycling

The specialized equipment would add expense, one man contended.
NEW CASTLE, Pa. -- Some local trash haulers and recycling company representatives are urging the Lawrence County commissioners not to choose specialized recycling equipment, known as V-Quip, for the county's recycling program.
They told commissioners Tuesday that using a $900,000 state grant to buy the V-Quip system would be a case of government competition against private industry.
One man told commissioners that using the V-Quip system would be more expensive because the system uses specialized containers that require certain trucks for collection. If there's a problem with the trucks, for example, other trucks cannot be substituted to empty the recycling bins.
Another hauler said talk of raising tipping fees to pay for the V-Quip system would bring higher trash-hauling costs that would be passed on to customers.
Decision deadline
Commissioner Brian Burick said the commissioners must vote on the matter by Feb. 28 to keep the state grant. He is still considering what type of system he'd like to see the county use.
Burick said he has seen a V-Quip system in operation and plans to visit some recycling sites that use more traditional collection systems.
Commissioner Ed Fosnaught said he won't change his mind about using V-Quip because it's the system the Lawrence County Council of Governments wants to be used.
The council of governments has said it will not participate in a countywide recycling program if the commissioners choose not to buy the V-Quip system.
Fosnaught has said he will support buying the system because he thinks the county needs the COG's assistance in operating any recycling program.

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